Sunday, February 6, 2011


As you know, I'm participating as one of the 16 artists in the "Sketchbook Challenge" blog. This months theme is opposites. While I'm mending from a little dental surgery (yesterday's newest change was a black eye!) (it really coordinates with the purple and blue bruises across my cheek though), I've been able to sketch a little bit. I'm finding that my attention span while taking strong pain medications is fairly limited. So I'm just picking small tasks to tend to (or try to tend to).
Today, I choose a Jane LaFazio type sketch with watercolors. I tend to do more whimsical drawings with a few realistic ones thrown in here and there. But I really love the urban sketching style that Jane has. She has a cool looking class over at Joggles too. You should check it out.
I don't have online classes up and running yet but I plan on having a drawing/sketchbook class as one of my first workshops. I hope to have them going in a couple of months or so.
I am doing a "live" drawing workshop at Textile Evolution in Colorado Springs this year. It's called "Whimsical Mark Making". It's a one day workshop that is going to be a lot of  fun! No experience required.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the sketch that I did...the pain medications, I'm telling you...
The theme is opposites. I chose to do opposite color scheme on the painting.
I know, I know, it is a really easy one and I promise to do better.
Just gotta get past this rough spot.

Hope that you're all doing well, staying creative and drawing everyday!


freebird said...

That you can do ANYTHING while on meds and hurting is a big one to me. Love your take on opposites. I'd love to sketch my husband and I but I'm not very good at people's likenesses but if there is something opposite we fit the bill!

I'm hoping you offer "whimsical mark making" for an online class. That sounds like fun.

random notes said...

Great blog Carol

Kerri said...

hope you're healing well!