Monday, February 28, 2011

Evening Sky

While riding home yesterday with my (sweet & handsome) husband,
look at what we saw as we topped a tall hill in South Carolina!

(these photos were taken out of the window of our car while cruisin' down I-85 at about 72 mph)

I just loved the way that the sunshine was highlighting the clouds.

I think we're in for storms today and tomorrow but yesterday the temp was up to 82 here!
Sometimes it feels like we completely miss spring and jump right in to summer weather.
I'm sure that we are in for at least one more frost but the warm weather was really nice yesterday.

All the warm weather makes me long to be kayaking...
I can't wait to get out, to be doing things that we enjoy in nature.

I love seeing all the birds so active, singing so early in the mornings.
They sound happy that spring is on the way.