Friday, February 4, 2011

Complete Ideas, Opposites and Villanous Happenings...

Thought I'd show you this drawing in its completed form. It was the one that I posted on Wednesday (I think) that wasn't quite finished yet. I may or may not add any color to this. I kinda like the starkness of the black and white.
I finished it while I was sitting at a sporting event this week.
When I write about looking around for drawing inspiration, I truly mean it and I do just that.
If you'll notice the little curvy dotted lines at the lower right hand side,
yeah, the ones coming off of the idea seed pod...
That is the "Family Circle"ish trail that one kid took with the basketball he was dribbling.

Find it everywhere.

I had a little dental surgery yesterday.
(I'll spare you the gruesome details...which involves a scapula, bits of bone grafts and my gums). 
Needless to say today I am feeling a little, um, non-creative.
Hey, I could use that in my "Sketchbook Challenge" sketches...which, for this month,  the theme is "opposites".
Day before yesterday I was feeling very creative.
Today I am not feeling creative.
That's pretty opposite if you ask me!

All joking aside, I was remiss in not mentioning the Sketchbook Challenge new theme on Tuesday.
This month a good friend of mine, Laura Cater-Woods, had the pleasure of choosing the theme. Laura is a fabulous mixed media studio artist that lives in Montana.
Her work truly reflects her oneness with nature- the ebb and flow of Mother Nature as it connects and interacts with Laura's life.
Go and take at peek at her wonderful collages for One (brainchild of Virginia Spiegel).
I'll begin working in my sketchbook today (hopefully).

Now, as far as the title of this blog post goes, I should explain something.
I'll bet you're thinking that the "Villainous Happening" was my dental surgery...
Well, villainous as it was
 (even though my doctor  is NOT a villain)
 (he's quite the OPPOSITE) (oh my! another idea)
that's not what I was referring to.
While sitting in that dental chair, I thought a lot about a new class that I am planning.
That is where the "villainous happenings" title comes in -
I'm working on a technique based class, not a project based class like I usually do.
It's going to be a mix of medias, a mix of materials and a ton of different ideas to alter  fiber and paper.
A "Mixed Media Miscreant".
Or  "Mixed Media Mayhem".

A lot of people ask me about the materials that I use, the substrates and the different techniques.
 I think this workshop will be a great way to introduce the  participants to the wide range of supplies that I use.
We'll play with a variety of different (and odd) materials, learn to question "What if I did this..?" or "Wonder what would happen if I...?"

You'll learn to look at things differently as you learn to let go of your artistic inhibitions...

Sound like your idea of fun?
Stay tuned for details.

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