Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sketchbook Color, Mojo and Young Women

As I said in an earlier post, I've been playing around with texture and color, both on paper and fabric.
I've really enjoyed the mindlessness of it all since I can't seem to find my mojo since that dental surgery...oh and the bout of  bronchitis to go along with it.
I suppose that I could excuse it away by saying that just one of those two could zap my energy but add them together and whammo.
Anyway -  playing around in the studio is the only way that I can get back  in the swing of things after a few days away.
Or a good looming deadline. I work much better under a little pressure.
I guess that is why I functioned so well as a nurse in an intensive care unit for almost two decades...
But, believe you me, I'll take an art deadline any day over a 12 hour NICU (Neonatal) shift...

Well, I got off subject there, didn't I? 
Which is not unusual for me now is it?

 I did sell one of my prints in the most gratifying manner.
Last year, I participated in the West Greenville Arts Festival.
I had a lot of traffic through my booth but one young lady in particular stands out.
She was middle school age, there with her mom and sister.
She loved two of my mixed media tree paintings and the handmade books that I had out.
I told her that I taught classes on making the books and she said that she would love to take one of them.
I got her mom's email address and gave them my card and promised to email when I had local classes coming up.

Well, time went on.

One day, out of the blue, I got an email from this young lady's mom.
She (the young girl) had mentioned my artwork several times since the show and her mom wanted to buy a print to surprise her with.

Now just how cool was that?!

What a cool mom!
And what a cool young girl that would want artwork - not teen posters- for her room!

So, her mom and I met last week. She will be surprising her daughter with a framed print for her room on Valentine's Day.

Two things that I love about this story.
1. This young girl is already honoring her style, her love of art.
2. Her mom is honoring and encouraging her daughter's individuality.
and ,okay a third thing I love about it -
3. Mom kept my business card and followed up with me. I really was so taken with her support of her daughter. What an awesome mom!
I will definitely work towards getting a local book class for this young girl.

So, you just never know who your art work will touch.
Please share it with others, show the world what you love to do.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool story of a very cool sale.