Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reunited (and it feels so good)

Last year, maybe the year before, I responded to a call for entries from Lark Publishers. It was to be a book called "Stitched Stories" and included artwork that told a story and included fiber.
My submission was accepted and I spent many hours working on the mixed media piece.
It is called "Rapunzel" and is about the story of , well, Rapunzel.
I had so much fun experimenting with the fabric paper background. I added several different mediums, used actual  portions of the printed story and incorporated it all into a cohesive mixed media background for the application of the rest of the story.
I wanted the sky to represent the stormy, turbulent mood of the piece and I think that it is really spot on with this.
I love the way that little snippets of the story are visible in the sky.
I think that the background is my favorite part!
I was saddened to hear that the book will not be published as a "regular" book but  I believe that the plan is to publish it as an "e-book" later this year.
It will include step by step instructions on how I made the background.
I've included a peek at a small portion of the piece.
I hope to show you the entire piece later this year.
I'll wait until the book is a "go" or "no-go".

I just got the artwork back today after being gone for many, many months.
I was a little unsure of the success of the piece when I took it to the offices in Asheville, even though I really liked it...I guess that I just wasn't sure if anyone else would like it.
Now, seeing it after all this time, I really like it.

I'll let you all know when and if the book is published.
I must give props to my hubby for the blog title.
Thank you sweetie!
Now he needs to get back in that kitchen and finish making that homemade pizza!

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Maureen said...

Carol, oh please let us know when the book comes out. It sounds like a beautiful piece.