Monday, December 6, 2010

The Green Fan (Girl of Toledo Spain)

I had posted earlier about a book that I was working on and forgot to add photos of the completed book.
I will do that today.
I used a photo of one of my favorite paintings (see this this post).
I printed it out on a nubby fabric (some type of poly blend I think) (it was a cheap sheer curtain fabric from my mom's house) and then built the front of the cover around it.
You can see from this picture that I added a bit of hand dyed lace to the sides , to create a spine wrap of sorts.

 Ah, this is where the photo of the front of the book went!
I have changed the template of my blog and am still learning how to work in it,
just when I had gotten so used to the previous template.

repeat -
change is good...
change is good...

 On the inside of the book cover, I placed an old doily that I made.
It really coordinated well with all the other fabrics so I donated it to the cause.
A scrappy "signature wrap" (I learned this from DJ Pettitt) snuggles all the pages of the book together.

 And I just love the back cover of this book!
I've used a combo of several acrylic mediums to create a leather like substance. I then used a mix of water and acrylic mediums to color it.
A series of paint, dry.
Paint, dry.
Repeat until your OCD is soothed...
Or you get distracted by sanding it...

And there you have it, another cool book!
I hope that I can take these books with me to Asheville tomorrow - well, what I really meant to say was that I hope I get to go to Asheville (NC) tomorrow for the monthly Fiber Art Alliance meeting.
The schools are closed there today - snow, black ice - you know that sort of nasty winter weather.
If I get to go tomorrow - I will carry the new books to show and tell. I'm sure that my fiber and book lovin' peeps will like them!
Say creative my friends.


Mary said...

Carol this is beautiful.
Have fun sharing's always fun to see someone's work. I get inspired when I see other's work.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Carol - I am your latest follower.
Your journals are just gorgeous! I appreciate your creativity as they are one of my favourite things to make also.

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool book. Hope you got to go to your meeting today.

Caryl said...

I love your Blog, especially your DJ journals she really is so talented and I would love to do workshop with her, but way too far here in South Africa.
Please pop in to say hi... love your patio too.