Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Sketchbook Challenge

I have the immense pleasure of announcing a new kid on the block!

A new blog, a new challenge each month, a new artist each month...

I've been invited to join several other artists (16, I think) in "The Sketchbook Challenge" beginning Jan.1, 2011.

We're going to be talking about our sketchbooks, how we do what we do, what tools we use, why we use them, tips for inspiration, techniques for pages...
all sorts of great information!

Each month a different artist will give a new theme for the month.
As the month goes along, all the artists will upload photos of their personal sketchbooks to show how we interpret the theme, what tools we used, maybe how we came up with our artwork...
you know - all those little bits of info that we all wish we had the inside scoop on!

We would all love it if you would play along with us.
Go here and sign up to follow the blog.
Beginning 1-1-2011, we will all find out about the theme of the month.

We're going to have tutorials through the month.
We have new sponsors joining up with us, all ready for great give aways -
Just For You!

I am super excited about this opportunity to share my sketchbook secrets with you.
And wait until you see the other artists that have signed on to share their secrets as well!

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