Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The rest of the story

I had the occasion to visit yet another doctor office today - yes,
imagine that...a nice  longggg visit to my eye doctor's office.
Nothing like a two hour office visit to help one in completing another "Holiday Animal" drawing!
I started this little rascal on Monday and he was just screaming for the rest of his body today.

Plus a few nice spots.

Who would have thought that he had a goatee AND spots?!
But you see - indeed he does!

This is the  animal that crawled from t he facing page.
I actually began drawing him after they put those drops in my eyes to dilate them.
I think that I should have stopped drawing a little sooner than I did...
I may have a few lines that missed their place.
But I still love her sweet smile.

Oh wait, "she" may have a goatee also!
Oh my...
I may have to go back and make the goatee a winter scarf.
Because it's obvious that she is a "she".


Robbie said...

Hope you have another appointment..can't wait to see 'who is next' coming from your pencil!

freebird said...

Don't get rid of the goatee! My female goat has one. My male goat does not. In the goat world it isn't a male/female thing evidently.

Joanne Huffman said...

You certainly put your waiting room time to good use!