Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kindle Cover

I just remembered that I never posted the completed Kindle cover.
Silly, forgetful me, right?

I finished all of the stitching (and there is a ton of it there) and let it sit for a week or two.
Good question.
My answer is this - I guess I was afraid that I would "mess it up". The work that I had done and the purchased cover.
My husband reminded me that we paid less than $20 for the cover, why worry when it could be replaced in an easy enough manner.
True, true.

So, results be damned (in a way), I grabbed the items I needed to put the whole thing together.
Heavy adhesive (Golden Regular Gel), binder clips (I use those a lot)

(is "alot" a word or not? My spell check highlights it and it's not in the "real" dictionary but everyone writes it that way).
OMG! I just went to to check spelling and that very thing was one the topics of the day there.
(FYI it is "a lot" not "alot")
(but wth does it really matter on this blog?)

Where was I...?
Oh, yes, grabbed the stuff that I needed to finally finish the cover.
Then glued it in place.
I put clips on it to hold it in place until the gel dried and placed weights on top of it.
And waited...

If you read my blog or know me, you are well aware of my penchant for creating things "by the seat of my pants". Better known as making things without an end plan or directions or a lot of fore thought.
One of those "hey, I've got an idea!" kinda things.

I make some cool stuff but I screw up a lot of stuff too...
This project worked out pretty good but I did learn a couple of things that I would do differently.

I would not use the binder clips next time. They did a fantastic job holding things in place but a couple of them did leave small indentation on one corner. It's not a big deal and really, it's barely noticeable to anyone but me. And I barely notice it anymore (lol).
But all the seam, I'd try to figure out some other way. something that would hole it in place but not have so much pressure on it. I used the clips around the edges, trying to keep things in place since they can shirt.

Oh, and one good thing I did I did was this -
do not put glue on the spine of the cover.
It allows a little "wiggle" room for the cover.
Plus it makes it easier to attach the two.

So - here you go.
Here's the beautiful cover that I love. That makes my Kindle MY Kindle.

You should totally make one too!

I've read that you should never post a photo that you have to apologize for.
I just won't apologize then!
I wanted to post the finished project and did not have the time (or inclination) to set up a photo booth to get better shots.

There you have it - weeks of work (albeit sporadic), a handful of supplies and a new passion for felting base surfaces.

Have you made anything for yourself lately?
I am usually working on samples, things to sell or things for other people.
When I go to a class or something like that, I rarely have anything to show that I made for myself.
I decided that I am going to change that!
So far I have made a needle case, a travel bag for paints/pens and such, a Kindle cover and a travel sketchbook bag (an altered sports bag).

What have you made for yourself?
Show me!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Etsy Shop Update & Upcoming Sale

I have added a lot of images for Thermofax screens into my Etsy shop.
Here's a sampling.

Some of them are hand drawn and some of them are copyright free images.
I can create a screen for you from almost any copyright free image - so keep that in mind.
Email me if you're interested in that or if you have any questions.

I will be adding more and more images as the days go by. I have a HUGE folder full of great images just waiting to be added to the shop.

I am going to have a sale on (gently) used screens soon. I will offer them to my newsletter list first so sign up if you're interested.
I always make a screen from a new image just to make sure that the screen will print well, especially the vintage images since they tend to be a little blurry.
I usually use the screen once, maybe twice and then put it aside...I have wayyyy too many of these screens that are not being used. It's time to share them with you all.
So - make sure that you sign up for my newsletter list. I'll try to get everything ready in the next couple of weeks.

Are you creating something everyday?
You gotta flex those creative muscles before they will grow!
If you're reading this, I am guessing that you are an avid maker.
Go make something.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Things I Do To Pass The Time

I've been stitching away, slowly and thoughtfully, on the piece in the previous post.
Here's another area or two that I've got around to running thread through.

I liked the darker area when I added it but not so much now

A blend of DMC thread and natural dyed (gray) thread.

A small scrap of well worn canvas being stitched onto the piece.

I am still stitching circles on everything.

beautiful silk thread over organza and a bamboo blend fabric

So I will continue to take my time with this piece since it is feeling right to do that.
I do have an idea for display on this one. I'll have to try it out soon.

I wanted to dye some thread with walnut leaves and decided to throw some paper in there as well.
Oh, walnut, how I love thee!
The color are so rich and I am always surprised by the variety of colors that I get.
I needed a darker color of thread, so I clipped my paper with binder clips. That is such an easy way to change the colors that nature offers to us.
Here's a few photos of the paper (watercolor).

Be sure to click on this one to see the color variety on the paper.
Look at those beautiful lines!
a note reminding me that I left thread in the pot
I just stuck the entire stem into the paper signature.
Won't this be beautiful to sketch into?
marks from the binder clips

If you click o the photos, you can really see the different colors that I obtained.
I had not done anything to the paper (other than allow it to dry) so the pages are wrinkled and warped.
Some pressure under a stack of books and a little heat from the iron should take care of that though.

I've also been updating my Etsy shop with more thermofax screens.
I'll do another post with some images from that.

It's cooler here in South Carolina and I am loving it.
I love the cooler temps and the crisp air but it sure does play havoc on achy joints.
Getting old is not for sissies, is it?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Working. Working Slowly.

Still looking at, stitching on and loving the latest UFO.

round and round I go

little of this + little of that= Slow Cloth

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Animal Companions

I put up a post about this months theme, Animal Companions, over at the Sketchbook Challenge.
Check it out if you have the time and inclination.

"Activate ninja ears!"

Baby Kitty

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Busy Hands, Happy Heart

I am like a lot of you, dear readers, that can't seem to sit quietly without working on something.
My friends and family would say that I can't sit still and be quiet. Period.
Hmm...maybe they are correct.

I've been using up my eco dyed/natural dyed scraps (and I do mean scraps) on a small piece of handwork.
I used pieces that are about 2-3 inches long (and wide) and put them on a canvas base.
Then began stitching.
I also used my natural dyed threads (except one piece of rust DMC thread) and they look wonderful on the fabrics!
The natural dyes seem to glow from within.

I am using a hoop this time since the fabric weights are so different.
Here's a few in-progress peeks.

See the pieces of thread on the left?
All of those were dyed with plants and metals.

Rust stained thread

I couldn't help but slip this bold color of thread in...

Vintage homespun fabric!

Lovely rust

Colors of Iron

Cottons, linens, jersey

Looks like a bee hive


A monoprint from something in my bin of goodies

Rusted fabric, rusted thread

I took this thread out of my "rust bin" too early
but I couldn't help myself.
I have more cooking.

It's a work in progress for sure.