About Me

What do I say about myself?

I grew up roaming the woods, riding my bike and loving nature.

In all the photos of me, you will see me clutching a worn paper bag. It was full of bird feathers, interesting rocks and all sorts of treasured natural items.

To this day, I carry a bag with me to collect natural items to use in my artwork.
I hope that I display them in a much more sophisticated manner now.

I love learning, teaching and story telling.
I have an insatiable curiosity about everything  and I ask a lot of questions.
I love to be outside, wallowing in the beauty of Nature, soaking up the sun and breathing in fresh air.

I love making things, painting, drawing, arranging pieces of worn fiber and printing on everything that I can.

I am a maker of quirky little things and a collector of even quirkier items (ask my family).
If I'm not elbow deep in paint and fiber, I'll be knee deep in water, kayaking with my husband.
Well, I might be riding my bike...or hiking...or trout fishing...
Either way, I'll be breathing in inspiration and breathing out ideas.

Why don't you join me?
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