Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big League World Series, Etsy and Judy Perez

Well, we're in the middle of The Big League World Series here in Easley, SC. My husband is the Umpire In Chief (UIC) and is on the Tournament Committee, so he is here everyday...every minute of the series. I am here almost every minute...

I love the BLWS (above) and like to be around all the local and visiting people. We have people from all over the world here, as it is one of the only true WORLD Series. I'll try to post all of the teams later...I am in a bit of a rush right now.

I really wanted to post that I have made a few changes in my Etsy shop. I have re-done one listing and added a couple of more. Now each auction will be for an individual piece of fabric. I have added pictures of the front and back, as each side is so different. I have several more fat quarters to list, just have to find the time to take pictures and get the listing up. Probably not until the BLWS is over, which will be Saturday August2. Please visit the shop at www.carolsloan.etsy.com.

But I will be out of town Saturday and Sunday. I am going to Atlanta for 2 full day classes with JUDY PEREZ!!!

I am so excited about this!

I've been taking her Color Theory Class online, it's been awesome! I'll have to dedicate a post to it...again, when I can find the time. I have really learned SO much from her about color, mixing paint colors...I highly recommend the class!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot, Dry Summer

Well, here in The South we are in the throes of The Hot, Dry Summer...
Those of us who live in The South,
have visited The South,
grew up in The South
hear news about The South
or know others from The South
who know others from The South
have heard all before...
but I'm gonna say it one more time...
It is soooo hot and humid!
It is soooo dry the grass is crunching again.
Where, where have all the flowers gone?
Whoever is singing that song "Rain, Rain go away..."
needs to Stop.
Right Now.

Monday, July 14, 2008


We found a bird's nest in one of our plum tree's. My husband carried a tall ladder over to have a peek and look at what he saw...
Four beautiful eggs!
They appear to be Robin eggs but we haven't seen the adult birds near the nest.
I don't know if you can tell by these pictures but the bottom of the nest is held up (partially) by plums!
Isn't that cool? And ,of course, we would never touch those plums.
Speaking of plums, both our trees are covered in ripe or close to ripe fruit. Thay taste so good! Perhaps we will make plum jam...
it will be plum good...
sorry, couldn't resist...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modern Mark Making for Letter Geeks like me...

This is just a quick sketch I did after flipping through
The.Most.Awesome Book.Ever.
Buy It!!! Use it! Love it!
Lisa Engelbrecht hits the nail on the head...
What a feast for the eyes...what a feast for my pencils, my pens...
I can't wait to WRITE!!!
Did I mention that

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Etsy Shop

Well, I finally managed to open my Etsy shop! So far all I have listed is 5 rust dyed fat quarters...but I'll be adding more.
I have some great rust dyed vintage lace and things. Not to mention the crochet/knitting needle or paint brush holders I am making to sell. Or the beautiful handmade watercolor journal/sketch books that I'll be adding...lots of really nice stuff.
Won't you look?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Flowers & Plums

Well, I went out to survey our vast domain here at Number 2 Hardeman Street and found all sorts of flowers, bee's and plums..hey, wait...did I just say Plums?!? Yes, we have 2 Plum trees and they are full of plums! It's the first year they have produced fruit. They plum was as green as the tree when it first appeared, then slowly has changed colors over the past few weeks. Now they are beginning to ripen up...soon we will have delicious plums to devour...plum preserves to slather across crisp crunchy toast...

I am glad to report that the bee population in Piedmont seems to be fine. I snapped a couple (or 20) pictures of the Purple Coneflowers and Gerbera Daisies with bees dining there. Hey, I'll show a few to you!
This is a teeny tiny bee having a teeny tiny snack at the Gerbera Cafe. He must have flown in before the lunch rush.

Here at the Purple Coneflower, we have 2 maybe 3 diners...When I first stepped in, there were about 6 diners, but a few of them left before I could snap their pictures.

Around at the side of the Manor, we have the Star Gazer Lilies blooming. They are beautiful! And very large. Probably about 6 inches across. They smell like a summers night in a tropical garden. And look at the specks of darker magenta/red in the center...I thought it was just color at first but upon closer inspection, it's a projection of some sort from the petal of the flower itself. Hmmm, interesting. Very interesting at what Mother Nature does with Her Flowers.

I also have several Dahlias in the Side Garden. Here is one that has the most beautiful yet rather strange blooms on it. The petals of the flower looks like velvet and are just as smooth to the touch.
See the layers of petals opening up...
Here's a picture without a flash...

And one with a flash. Interesting color difference.

Here's one of our huge Angel Wing Begonias. These plants are so easy to grow, and to keep all year long. Also one of the easiest plants to root as well...I just break off a piece of stem and stick it in a pot of dirt...or water. It roots and grows quickly.
The leaves are so shiny, they look almost fake.
The only draw back is the mess that the falling flowers make...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Are Not Alone

My friend, Gen, had surgery recently. When my husband suggested to me that I make her a card, I decided to make her a post card instead. It turned out really cute!
I used a piece of rust fabric that my husband and I made for the tree and the back of it. Oh, and its the fabric that the words are printed on. I made the words the same way that I made the letters for the "Necessities" piece, with thin leather from a baseball coaster. The only difference is that I printed these words out on the computer instead of hand lettering them. I felt uneasy about trying to letter that small so I played it safe!
The birds have seed beads for eyes so they sparkle quite nicely.
I used Wonder Under on the fabric pieces. Then used a tiny zig zag stitch with mono filament thread around the pieces. I used the smallest needle that I had, a 60/8 one to try and diminish the needle holes in the fabric.
Then I used black thread to "sketch" around each piece, making it look like a drawing. I added some free hand embroidery along the bottom.
The words were not added until the very end.
I'll mail it in an envelope as I'm sure that the piece will not scan through the Post Office machine...
Hopefully it will brighten her day when she gets it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the Fiber Art Alliance meeting this month, Cheryl Alderman presented Clever Ideas To Hang Your Quilts. And clever they were! I've included some pictures of various sticks and pieces of drift wood that she has used on her own quilts. It was very informative and had me thinking of quite a few ideas of my own. Check out Mary Stori's blog for more pictures (www.marystori.blogspot.com).

I loved this wall hanging! If you can enlarge the pictures, please do. You will be able to see the beading she did in the upper right hand corner. And the use of different fabrics really sets this one off.

We all thought that this wall hanging had a felted background. Upon closer inspection, you can see it is a piece of batik fabric that has been machine quilted along the design of the dye itself. How awesome is that? She added home dec trim to it as well. Very imaginative use of what is around your studio.

Look at the beading with wire that she has done to attach this to the wood...

That is one talented lady!
Thanks Cheryl

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My friend Patsy's work. You can see more at www.patsythompsondesigns.com.


I went tot he monthly Fiber Art Alliance group meeting in Asheville NC yesterday. If you do not belong to some sort of group like this, I strongly encourage you to join. It is so stimulating to surround yourself with people that are like minded. That can encourage and assist you in your artistic journey. I will add some pictures in a bit of the program this month. And some of the art work from our very talented members.
Patsy Thompson brought two new Art Quilts that she had finished. Beautiful, beautiful ...She is so talented. And humble. She says that with practice, your machine quilting will look like hers...Her stitches are perfectly spaced, looks like she used a Stitch Regulator but she doesn't. She is One Awesome Machine Quilter! Go to http://www.patsythompsondesigns.com/ to see just what I mean.