Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prints on Silk

More samples of eco printing on silk fabric.

a variety of leaves

bolder colors from these leaves

you can get some really cool "ghost" prints as well

beautiful, beautiful prints on silk

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eco Monoprinting on Cloth

If you're spent any time reading my blog, then you know that I love paper and cloth almost equally.
I use them almost interchangeably in my work.
The last few blog posts are evidence of that.

I shared a few photos of a few of those prints (on cloth and paper) but I created a stack of them that I haven't shared.
Here's a few of them on cloth.

cotton fabric

cotton fabric 
cotton fabric with leaves from a neighbor's yard...

Silk fabric dyed with Goldenrod (a weed  around here in SC).
I think that the black areas came from a mold (or something like that) that
began growing in my little bundle.

Silk dyed with yellow and red (or purple) onions.
Notice the lines form the string that I tied the bundle with.

Silk fabric dyed/monoprinted with yellow onion and some weed
from a local pasture. A common weed here (green, no flowers)
that is every where in upstate SC. Also has a few
Oak leaves wrapped in the bundle.

Walnut tree stem with various other leaves
in bundle. Soaked in walnut "juice".