Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Journal Pages

Three simple ingredients (so far).
Spray Ink
Masks (&/or stencils)

Swipe gesso across page in a random (and distracted) manner.
Hold stencils (or mask) down with one hand while using the other hand to mist watered-down ink over area.
Allow to dry before proceeding with the next step.

I'll proceed with the next step later.

Just wanted to pop in and share a simple background method with you all.
This is a great way to add color/texture/just something to your paper without a lot of work.
It also prevents that "blank page" syndrome...nothing like a little (or a lot of ) color to brighten up a page of paper.

I have been remiss in posting on this blog and the Sketchbook Challenge blog this month!
Over at the SBC blog, Jane has offered up this wonderful theme ("Everyday Objects"), that should have had me jumping up and down for joy (since I draw everyday objects so often) but I (like so many of us here) have been so busy preparing for, teaching workshops and recuperating from the prep and teaching of said workshops that I am pooped.
I have been ignoring so many things that I should not be ignoring...
this blog.
The SBC blog.
Making new artwork for the upcoming First Friday art crawl in Greenville SC.
Oh, so many things to do.
But I'll show you a peek of what I did do.
I taught two wonderful workshops at "Textile Evolution" in Colorado Springs last week.
Tex Evo is the brain child of Liz Kettle- teacher, writer and artist extraordinaire.

I taught a two day book making class that everyone loved!
The folks that didn't take the class, saw the books that the ladies made while in the class...and now they all want to take the class!
They made some awesome books! I love how they plow right through their doubts and work so hard in those two days to create a treasure.

The "Whimsical Mark Making" class is what I really wanted to talk about.
Most of the 9 ladies in this class said that they "couldn't draw" at the beginning of class.
I asked them.
They didn't want to believe me when I told them that they could draw.
But they also plowed right through - laughing at the silly things I asked them to do.
I was a strict teacher and didn't allow them to draw with a pencil!

Straight to paper with a pen...

I would say that around lunchtime these ladies were beginning to shock themselves...
I gave them a few tips, some guidelines, explained the paints, gels and pens at their disposal and turned them loose.
They were drawing a variety of things - some everyday objects, some totally from their imagination, some from source books that helped them along.

And the thing that I loved was how quiet they got as they began to believe that maybe they could draw...
then the excitement as these beautiful, whimsical images began to flow from their pens...

right from their pens!

I'll show a few photos of what they were doing.
These drawings are from women that believed their entire lives that
they could not draw.

Their entire lives (so far) spent not drawing.

Not even really trying because they had been told/believed/were not the creative one in the family/husband told them they needed to quit tracing or copying/and so on and so forth.

These women are drawing the most beautiful, whimsical, heartfelt images.
Straight to paper with a pen!

Take a local drawing class, check my schedule for one or watch for my online Mark Making class that will take the future.

Until then?
Practice making marks.
Every single day.

Here's that peek -

Click on these photos to see the detail!

I do wish that we could have put together a small journal for these pages...
Wouldn't that be awesome to have a hand drawn journal?
Maybe I need to develop another class that includes this...we could squeeze in a small journal, couldn't we?

I'm listing a new local class soon - in Greenville SC.
Please sign up for my newsletter so you can get all the details of my classes - whether local, online or across the country.
I'll also advertise sales on original artwork, prints and handmade books.
I will occasionally offer my subscribers a special discount or deal on classes and artwork.

Keep on making marks!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back Home

Hi everyone!

I'm back from Colorado Springs at Textile Evolution.

What an awesome retreat!!

I personally had so much fun and was so inspired & fulfilled by all the creative work done there.
The atmosphere was not only inviting but safe.
Safe to begin at where you are.
Safe to push where you want to go...

We had creative spirits there that ran the gamut - young women that had no idea of what they were getting in to all the way to grandmothers that we just finding out that they HAD a creative streak.

And they all LOVED it!

Yummy healthy food that was catered in.
A section of the room had piles of supplies to use in our art journals (all free!) with daily demos of different products and techniques (some brand spanking new ones- barely in the stores yet!).
Lots of heartfelt conversations, laughter, some tears (of pain, self discovery and growth) and most of all - lots of support and friendship.

Women need these relationships in their life - we need unconditional support and the love of each other.
We need a strong shoulder to lean on at times.
These types of relationships and support systems are built at this retreat.

It's a great place to learn a new technique or make a great project but it's an even better place to add to your self confidence and build your tribe.

Next years dates are already booked even though I can't remember them right now.
I do know that it will go back to the Sept. date next year. I'll post it as soon as I can find out.

I do have some photos but I'll have to find my camera first.
Now where did I put that new indigo shibori tee shirt at...?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Friday Video

My husband was playing around with the new Flip Video at a "First Friday" art crawl event.
This was last Friday at Pendleton Street in Greenville SC.

The building is a newly refashioned space with several rooms.
The walls are just beautiful!
They look like fresco paintings.

I was invited, along with four other artists, to show work that evening.
There was food, adult beverages, wonderful art and lots of chatter!
We all had a great time and I met so many great people.

My husband took this short video of a portion of my table.
I am hoping to record more videos now since I am finding out it's not as difficult as I thought it was.

I'm leaving for Colorado Springs soon. I've sent ahead class supplies and lots of book samples.
I am so excited about teaching at the retreat again this year!

I am also hoping that I can schedule another book class next month at AGGG in Greenville SC.
The first class there went so well and I absolutely love the space for teaching small groups!
It was super inspiring to create in the gallery surrounded by such fabulous work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Class Update

We had a great first day of class in Greenville! I truly love working in the gallery space.
All of the beautiful artwork surrounding us was such an inspiration. I can see scheduling another class there soon.
I'll try to remember to get photos on the next day of class! I had my camera with me but it stayed in my purse...
We were so busy that I forgot all about it (as seems to be my habit!).

I'm busy unpacking and repacking supplies, class kits and other necessary items (like, um...clothes?!).

I'm SO excited about teaching at Textile Evolution again this year!
I'm excited to be spending time with my peeps Liz Kettle, Judy Gula, Tama Brooks and Laura Cater Woods also!
Maybe someone there will be more diligent at posting photos than I was last year. I just get so busy that I forget! And I have never developed the "Facebook" habit...

Okay, break time over...
back to packing.
Um, I mean unpacking and repacking.

Friday, August 5, 2011


What a crazy couple of weeks it's been...
I have talked about the Big League World Series that my husband and I volunteer at, right?

Yup, last year.
Well, what we call "the circus" was in town the last week.
It's a lot of fun but man oh man, what a lot of work too!
It was just as busy as ever and very, very hot.
And very humid.
Typical SC weather.
If you're interested, you can go to the web link above and read all about it.
It's a great opportunity to volunteer if you're interested.
We have ESPN coverage of the final game every year so that's fun.

I am also busy making the final preparations for a run of fall classes coming up.

I'm heading to my fiber group tomorrow to teach them the second day of making a cool little book.

Next week (August 8 & 11), I'll be teaching my "Bound by Heart, Made by Hand" class.
We make a beautiful book using all sorts of acrylic mediums, paints, cool papers, fabrics, inks and vintage goodies.
This two day class will be at Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville in downtown Greenville SC.
There are two (maybe three) spots left in this class.
Email me if you're interested.

The week after that, I'll be in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my buddy Liz Kettle at her retreat, Textile Evolution.
If you're love mixed media or mixed media fiber work, want to try your hand a mixed media or love hanging out with a bunch of wild and crazy mixed media fiber lovin' women - this is THE retreat for you!
There are several classes that I would love to take if I weren't teaching!
Check it out!