Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have been remiss in posting on this blog and the Sketchbook Challenge blog this month!
Over at the SBC blog, Jane has offered up this wonderful theme ("Everyday Objects"), that should have had me jumping up and down for joy (since I draw everyday objects so often) but I (like so many of us here) have been so busy preparing for, teaching workshops and recuperating from the prep and teaching of said workshops that I am pooped.
I have been ignoring so many things that I should not be ignoring...
this blog.
The SBC blog.
Making new artwork for the upcoming First Friday art crawl in Greenville SC.
Oh, so many things to do.
But I'll show you a peek of what I did do.
I taught two wonderful workshops at "Textile Evolution" in Colorado Springs last week.
Tex Evo is the brain child of Liz Kettle- teacher, writer and artist extraordinaire.

I taught a two day book making class that everyone loved!
The folks that didn't take the class, saw the books that the ladies made while in the class...and now they all want to take the class!
They made some awesome books! I love how they plow right through their doubts and work so hard in those two days to create a treasure.

The "Whimsical Mark Making" class is what I really wanted to talk about.
Most of the 9 ladies in this class said that they "couldn't draw" at the beginning of class.
I asked them.
They didn't want to believe me when I told them that they could draw.
But they also plowed right through - laughing at the silly things I asked them to do.
I was a strict teacher and didn't allow them to draw with a pencil!

Straight to paper with a pen...

I would say that around lunchtime these ladies were beginning to shock themselves...
I gave them a few tips, some guidelines, explained the paints, gels and pens at their disposal and turned them loose.
They were drawing a variety of things - some everyday objects, some totally from their imagination, some from source books that helped them along.

And the thing that I loved was how quiet they got as they began to believe that maybe they could draw...
then the excitement as these beautiful, whimsical images began to flow from their pens...

right from their pens!

I'll show a few photos of what they were doing.
These drawings are from women that believed their entire lives that
they could not draw.

Their entire lives (so far) spent not drawing.

Not even really trying because they had been told/believed/were not the creative one in the family/husband told them they needed to quit tracing or copying/and so on and so forth.

These women are drawing the most beautiful, whimsical, heartfelt images.
Straight to paper with a pen!

Take a local drawing class, check my schedule for one or watch for my online Mark Making class that will take the future.

Until then?
Practice making marks.
Every single day.

Here's that peek -

Click on these photos to see the detail!

I do wish that we could have put together a small journal for these pages...
Wouldn't that be awesome to have a hand drawn journal?
Maybe I need to develop another class that includes this...we could squeeze in a small journal, couldn't we?

I'm listing a new local class soon - in Greenville SC.
Please sign up for my newsletter so you can get all the details of my classes - whether local, online or across the country.
I'll also advertise sales on original artwork, prints and handmade books.
I will occasionally offer my subscribers a special discount or deal on classes and artwork.

Keep on making marks!

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