Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patti Digh

(silver writing mine...)

I posted a blog entry a while back
about an awesome book that I had been reading...
The one that Jane sat me in a chair and placed in my hands...?
OK, you're remembering now.
Anyway, today (what a beautiful, sunny, crisp day
to meet a few wonderful people)
I went back to Jane's shop
for a book reading
a book signing,
which I had rather call
"Let's make a new friend day".
Patti Digh was there, reading from that insightful book,
and just generally inspiring all of us to take the time
to Live An Intentional Life.
In reading the book,
I saw that Patti had encouraged the readers
to write in the book (yikes!)
to make it "our book"...
to interact with the words that she had written,
to take the ideas or the lessons that she was offering us
to a higher level.
I secured a silver Sharpie (which writes wonderfully on the slick surface of the page)
and began readin' and writin'...
I underlined words that resonated with me...
I circled passages that spoke to my heart...
I wrote her notes when I was fearful
of my reaction to different "actions" that she suggested...
I wrote out excuses NOT to do them...
I wrote out my responses to the exercises...
and I also drew lines and arrows pointing to quotes that I loved
or stories that brought me to tears...
I wrote out my heart
and I placed that heart right on the pages of that precious book.

You MUST get this book, my friends.
It will touch you in places
that you feared were closed off...
places that you didn't care to awaken again.
But it will touch you in places that you NEED to be touched...
wake up the generosity that
resides within you.
Give Patti Digh an opportunity
to touch your shoulder,
turn you around
and make you look in the mirror at
your own reflection.
And Patti, you ROCK.

And Mr. Brilliant,

I enjoyed sitting with you and Tess outside

on that quaint little bench, looking at my book...

our actions screaming how much we adore your wife

and her way with words.

I'm looking forward to reading more of those precious words.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Journaling

I was at my step daughters dance competition
this past weekend
and did a little art journaling
where I was there.
My husband and I had a lot of fun,
laughing and being silly.
We were not supposed to sit in the balcony
but did anyway...
needless to say, there were not many
people there
and we laughed
and joked
until it was time to go.
His daughter did a great job
but her team did not win.
Very unusual, as they
usually do.
Maybe next time...
This is in the handmade quilted journal that I made.
The paper is marker paper,
which takes a bit of
watercolor paint pretty well.
And oh, how I love my
Pitt Pens.
Go ahead, grab a 40% off coupon
from Hobby Lobby and buy yourself
a variety pack.
You'll be so glad that you did.
Enjoy my silly art antics!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Her Awakening

These are scanned sketches of the central face
in my new mixed media face.
I did tweak it some before the final sketch onto Kim Wipes.
Rusty Kim Wipes.
That I washed and dried in the machine.
Pretty cool look...
all rusty and vintage looking.
I'll try to post pictures
of the actual drawing soon.
She is just beginning to open her eyes
to the world around her.
Won't you welcome her?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've Been Painting Again...

But it's a secret...
well, not really.
Only because my camera is not behaving...
For some reason, each time I try to take pictures,
you have to set it on a different flash setting to get a decent photo...
and then it's not that decent.
Go figure.
But, the Good News is this -
I've completed one of the fiber pieces
that I've been so busy with!
It's for a class at Random Arts.
A Rust Media Wall Hanging.
And I would love to share it with you
well, you know...
the camera issue...
But I can tell you this much.
It involves a stack of rusty strips of fabric, Kim Wipes, lace,
old tee shirts, pantyhose (new not used), tyvek,
drawer liner, mixed media fabric paper,
crocheted lace (by me!), gilded images,
drawn faces, beads, hand quilting
machine quilting and driftwood...
Doesn't that sound great?
All the rust dyed pieces have been
done by my husband and me.
Check out my teaching schedule
Random Arts for more details on this awesome workshop.
It truly is a
"One of a Kind" wall hanging!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rust Media

Here's a little sample of a small piece that I put together.
I mounted it onto a wrapped canvas.
Rust Media-gotta love it...

Friday, January 16, 2009

There's a New Hero in Town

Those of you who read my blog know that I don't often comment on current events...
but something happened yesterday that just screams to be commented on.
You also know that I consider my husband to be my Hero.
Well, today we both have a new Hero.
What a Man...
what a mighty fine man.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Freaking Fun Friday

Well, last Friday I had a blast!
I was one of the lucky 6 women to have the Immense Pleasure
to partake in
Random Arts Fridays "Unfinished" For Free days!
We all gathered at Jane's wonderful shop in Saluda NC,
surrounded by unfinished projects, little busy work things,
works in progress...
we laughed
we sewed
we painted
we cut metal
we embroidered
we had an awesome lunch
and just generally had a blast!
I, for one, will definitely be back.
And thanks Jane, for having us all!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Teaching Schedule

I've added my teaching schedule (so far this year)on the side bar.
I have only scheduled two months into the year.
I'll update it as I add classes. If you have any questions
about the classes, please email me.
You could also contact the shops to find out any details.
I'm really excited about offering the classes
and the actual content of them all.
I am developing other classes, so you're sure to see them as well.
I will work towards teaching a little closer
to my home in the future, I've just been so busy at the NC shops
that I haven't had time to contact the shops in SC.
That's all good though!
I will try to add pictures of the projects as well.
Today I am going to NC.
I am taking class samples to MQS (My Quilt Shoppe) in Hendersonville
and to Random Arts in Saluda .
Then I am going on to Asheville
for the monthly Fiber Art Alliance group that I am a member of.
All these places are rather close to each other
so I can just hop from one to the other rather easily.
I am looking forward to the FAA meeting!
It will be a planning meeting...
we will decide on this years meeting content.
There are SO MANY talented women there...
it is an awesome group.
Everyone be safe today!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Words, words, words...

I've seen several blogs and newsletters lately
that have encouraged everyone to Pick A Word for 2009.
I started a list...(see my photos)
Being a little anal, I began looking the words up in the dictionary...
just to make sure that I really, really liked the things that
The Word encompassed.
Just to make sure that there wasn't some Hidden Meaning somewhere...
Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with four pages of Really Good Words!
Part of it was that I like to write words...
go ahead and laugh, I know it sounds funny
but those of you out there who enjoy it too
will understand how I got carried away.
I actually like the arrangement of all
those great Words...
that would be a great mixed media piece, now wouldn't it?
OK, on to the actual post...
A few of my Most Favorite Words were
I do have some very specific goals this year.
I started a new journal last year,
a neat handmade one, at the beginning of the year.
Fabric, of course, with hand painted pages.
Spiral bound with my cool Bind It All.
I wrote a little bit and then listed three goals
for that year.
I won't go into the specifics but I am glad/proud/pleased
to say that I met my goals.
I must be honest and say this as well...
I didn't make them TOO difficult, well...hmmmm...
Maybe it is in hind sight that I say that.
When I wrote them, I knew that they would require work.
I personally don't mind hard work at all.
I like it actually. It's good for people.
But what I'm trying to say is that I feel like I
could have done so much more than what I DID accomplish last year.
Part of the goal setting, the planning was based on Fear.
How, you say?
I was afraid that I wouldn't reach my goal,
so I set the bar a little lower than I should have...
That is Fearful Planning.
So I decided that THIS year,
I will set my goals without the burden of Fear.
I will set a few goals based totally on my sense of
adventure...that wild abandonment that I have been known for.
I'm going to reach so far that my arm might stretch a bit.
You know why?
Because I can.
Seriously...I mean that
I am Capable of Dreaming, of Seeking More,
of a Firm Determination.
Or we could call it "A Firmness of Purpose".
When I first began looking at the definitions
of all those yummy words that I wrote down,
there was a couple of words that were repeated in several definitions...
If you look closely at the journal pages
you will see that Promote is written several times.
Cherish, Care, Purpose...all repeated several times.
Aren't those wonderful words?
Look them up in the dictionary.
Then begin following the thread of words...
look up the words that are in the definition that you just looked up.
I especially loved the definition of
Read these definitions...
THINK about what they mean to YOU.
Leave me a message, email me but let me know
how these words make you feel.
I'm going to say it again (even at the risk of repeating myself)
2009 is going to be a wonderfully Uplifting Year.
I will have a "Firmness of Purpose" this year.
I will reach out in Love.
I will believe that my fellow man
is as precious as a new born babe.
And in practicing just that one thing,
my life will change.
My heart will grow.
My smile will be bigger.
I will love my neighbor as myself.
And this year, I will love myself,
warts and all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday.
I know that the current economic situation is daunting
but in my heart I feel that this will be an awesome year.
We, as Americans, as humans, have so many lessons to learn.
It's time for everyone to get back to their roots...
Time to stop all the mindless spending,
the trying to keep up with your neighbors...
It's time to teach our kids that
we can live a simple, loving life.
A Thankful Existence.
That's what it is...
A Thankful Existence.
Happy New Year Everyone!