Saturday, January 3, 2009

Words, words, words...

I've seen several blogs and newsletters lately
that have encouraged everyone to Pick A Word for 2009.
I started a list...(see my photos)
Being a little anal, I began looking the words up in the dictionary...
just to make sure that I really, really liked the things that
The Word encompassed.
Just to make sure that there wasn't some Hidden Meaning somewhere...
Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with four pages of Really Good Words!
Part of it was that I like to write words...
go ahead and laugh, I know it sounds funny
but those of you out there who enjoy it too
will understand how I got carried away.
I actually like the arrangement of all
those great Words...
that would be a great mixed media piece, now wouldn't it?
OK, on to the actual post...
A few of my Most Favorite Words were
I do have some very specific goals this year.
I started a new journal last year,
a neat handmade one, at the beginning of the year.
Fabric, of course, with hand painted pages.
Spiral bound with my cool Bind It All.
I wrote a little bit and then listed three goals
for that year.
I won't go into the specifics but I am glad/proud/pleased
to say that I met my goals.
I must be honest and say this as well...
I didn't make them TOO difficult, well...hmmmm...
Maybe it is in hind sight that I say that.
When I wrote them, I knew that they would require work.
I personally don't mind hard work at all.
I like it actually. It's good for people.
But what I'm trying to say is that I feel like I
could have done so much more than what I DID accomplish last year.
Part of the goal setting, the planning was based on Fear.
How, you say?
I was afraid that I wouldn't reach my goal,
so I set the bar a little lower than I should have...
That is Fearful Planning.
So I decided that THIS year,
I will set my goals without the burden of Fear.
I will set a few goals based totally on my sense of
adventure...that wild abandonment that I have been known for.
I'm going to reach so far that my arm might stretch a bit.
You know why?
Because I can.
Seriously...I mean that
I am Capable of Dreaming, of Seeking More,
of a Firm Determination.
Or we could call it "A Firmness of Purpose".
When I first began looking at the definitions
of all those yummy words that I wrote down,
there was a couple of words that were repeated in several definitions...
If you look closely at the journal pages
you will see that Promote is written several times.
Cherish, Care, Purpose...all repeated several times.
Aren't those wonderful words?
Look them up in the dictionary.
Then begin following the thread of words...
look up the words that are in the definition that you just looked up.
I especially loved the definition of
Read these definitions...
THINK about what they mean to YOU.
Leave me a message, email me but let me know
how these words make you feel.
I'm going to say it again (even at the risk of repeating myself)
2009 is going to be a wonderfully Uplifting Year.
I will have a "Firmness of Purpose" this year.
I will reach out in Love.
I will believe that my fellow man
is as precious as a new born babe.
And in practicing just that one thing,
my life will change.
My heart will grow.
My smile will be bigger.
I will love my neighbor as myself.
And this year, I will love myself,
warts and all.


Martha Lever said...

Carol, thanks for the blog for the metal embossing!! I haven't checked it out yet because I have been first enjoying your blog entry today. I love the words. I love words too and I love to sit down and calligraphy words but usually when I do that my mind goes blank so I love your three wonderful words. I especially like purpose and "firmness of Purpose" Your goals are wonderful--reaching out in love---I will make that one also. Thanks

mzjohansen said...

Wonderful post!
I have seen the suggestions about picking a word too - hummmm- maybe I will have to consider doing that !