Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Teaching Schedule

I've added my teaching schedule (so far this year)on the side bar.
I have only scheduled two months into the year.
I'll update it as I add classes. If you have any questions
about the classes, please email me.
You could also contact the shops to find out any details.
I'm really excited about offering the classes
and the actual content of them all.
I am developing other classes, so you're sure to see them as well.
I will work towards teaching a little closer
to my home in the future, I've just been so busy at the NC shops
that I haven't had time to contact the shops in SC.
That's all good though!
I will try to add pictures of the projects as well.
Today I am going to NC.
I am taking class samples to MQS (My Quilt Shoppe) in Hendersonville
and to Random Arts in Saluda .
Then I am going on to Asheville
for the monthly Fiber Art Alliance group that I am a member of.
All these places are rather close to each other
so I can just hop from one to the other rather easily.
I am looking forward to the FAA meeting!
It will be a planning meeting...
we will decide on this years meeting content.
There are SO MANY talented women there...
it is an awesome group.
Everyone be safe today!

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Anita Heady Fiber Arts, LLC said...

Carol, I didn't know that you taught so often. Wonderful!...and SC is one hour closer to me! We're in the same mode right now: making samples and preparing classes. I sure missed being at the FAA meeting yesterday. I'll see you soon!