Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eco Monoprinting on Cloth

If you're spent any time reading my blog, then you know that I love paper and cloth almost equally.
I use them almost interchangeably in my work.
The last few blog posts are evidence of that.

I shared a few photos of a few of those prints (on cloth and paper) but I created a stack of them that I haven't shared.
Here's a few of them on cloth.

cotton fabric

cotton fabric 
cotton fabric with leaves from a neighbor's yard...

Silk fabric dyed with Goldenrod (a weed  around here in SC).
I think that the black areas came from a mold (or something like that) that
began growing in my little bundle.

Silk dyed with yellow and red (or purple) onions.
Notice the lines form the string that I tied the bundle with.

Silk fabric dyed/monoprinted with yellow onion and some weed
from a local pasture. A common weed here (green, no flowers)
that is every where in upstate SC. Also has a few
Oak leaves wrapped in the bundle.

Walnut tree stem with various other leaves
in bundle. Soaked in walnut "juice".

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Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful. What sixe are these pieces?