Thursday, July 16, 2015

Can't Resist Those Red Feet

The beautiful Red Footed Falcon.

I am sharing the steps that I went through while drawing/painting this amazing falcon.

I hope that you fall in love with his beautiful colors as much as I have.

The head was a little too chubby in my first attempt. I did like the feet though.

This one looks much better but i ran out of room for the red feet!

I decided to make use of both drawings and put them together, yet separate.

Like this -

I had to clean it up a bit and darken the lines.
It looks like this now -

And after a little PSE magic, here is the final drawing with digital paint applied.

 Of course the colors I used are a bit bolder than you would find in nature but as an artist, I am allowed that.

(aren't I?)

If so, then I am allowing a background color on this one.

No actual birds were harmed during this exercise.
I know that you are happy that I didn't chop the red feet off of a falcon while drawing this.

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