Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hi everyone!

I haven't had a blog entry lately but I've been very busy...

sewing origami bags, rust backgrounds and painting awesome backgrounds on canvas and Aqua board.
I am really getting into the background techniques that I am learning from Wyanne.
It's so much fun to expand your creative horizons and give yourself a stretch.

I've also started a new journal,
with the prompting of my buddies Kristi Steiner and Susan Edmonson.

It's a Gratitude sort of journal...

I am taking an accounting of my Creativity each day...listing the creative things that I did, thinking about what activities really sparked my creative spirit...

then at the end of each entry I'll be writing a quick sentence of gratitude for the creativity in my life that day.
Kristi and Susan assure me that this activity will be a POTENT way to, a tangible way to give thanks and empower my creative spirit...
the spirit that each of us have within us.
It's so true that if you simply BELIEVE you can...
then you can.
I have experienced this so many times in my life.
Oh, you have to do The Work, to be sure,
but even The Work becomes so much more enjoyable,
so much easier when you BELIEVE that you can.
Speaking of Inspiration,
of Believing in yourself...

have you all taken a peek at Donna Downey's web site?

I saw a link on Jane Powell's web site

or maybe her blog

to Donna's site and went there to look around.
What an awesome artist she is!
And the workshops, the videos, the books...
then there is the Retreat in May.
I sent in my registration this morning and I am SO EXCITED to be going!
Paulette Insall will be teaching...
Kelli Rae Roberts will be speaking...Kelli Rae!
And Paolo Liloc will be there speaking, capturing images from the event.
Susan Edmonson, who happens to be my soul sister...
Everyone told us that before we ever met each other.
When we did meet each other,
it was kinda spooky how much we REALLY had in common!
and a BUNCH of other artists that will be offering mini workshops everyday!
This is a "Must Go" event!

But you need to sign up NOW because there are only a few seats left...

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Anita Heady Fiber Arts, LLC said...

Carol, you're a wonderful inspiration for me. I'm going to start journaling daily by your blog guidelines. I've been a little stagnant for two weeks and needed a boost. Thanks! I hope to see you Tuesday in Asheville.