Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Show and Tell

I'm managing to keep my word in posting more photos from my little trip up the mountain yesterday.
My friend Patsy is such an awesome machine quilter - I love her work.
And the colors!
Oh my - she hand dyes all her fabric (check out her blog and DVD's for instructions on that!).
Did you know that she has completely free quilting designs that you can download on her web site?
Yes, completely FREE!
This piece is one that she recently revisited and did some thread work on.
You can't really tell by the photo but the thread on the smaller design elements looks almost fluorescent.
Can't remember the name of it but I loved it!

This is another WIP that she brought - love the applique.
And this one - wow...can you see the machine quilting on this piece?!
It is Beautiful! She said that she used a liquid stitch product to fuse (? right word?) the edges of the green section down.
I think I have early Alzheimer's...I can't remember anything!
Perhaps it's some of the medication that I take that is doing it to me.
Couldn't be that I'm getting older...could it?
It could be that I just need to write things down...
that just might help.

She has a photo gallery on her web site as well -

you should go visit and see what fabulous works of art that she has created.

Besides being a Master Machine Quilter, Patsy is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold.

I love spending time with her!

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Joanne Huffman said...

Thanks for sharing your friend's beautiful quilting.