Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Time Flies

I haven't posted since last Tuesday or Wednesday.
I have mostly been at the hospital with a beloved family member. She getting better but could you send up a prayer or two for her? I sure do appreciate it.
Yesterday I did take a break and headed up the "Big Hill" to Weaverville NC.
I know that you have read about the fiber group I am a member of...I love this group!
They continue to impress me with their skills and their willingness to share them.
I didn't take any pictures but I'll refer you to Judy's and Mary's blog. They have lots of photos.
We went to Patsy Thompson's house (yep, That Patsy!) for a day of learning, laughing and food. Maybe a little Pumpkin beer thrown in the mix too...
gotta love those Renegade Fiber Freaks! (I really think we should change our name ladies...)
I'll try my best to do a "real" post soon. In the mean time I sure do hope that all of you are continuing to flex your creative muscles!

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