Thursday, December 30, 2010

Texture, Wine and Other Studio Work

I've been working on a few different things this week.
Not many "big" things,
little things here and there.

I've spent some time just resting...
taking it easy.
A good thing to do in the winter, huh?

I am participating in the "Sketchbook Challenge"
(which begins in TWO DAYS!)
I was trying to decide which book to use as my sketchbook for that
and just couldn't make my mind up...
So I finally just started making a new one!

Here are a few photos of what was going to be the front and back cover
(until I changed my mind).
I did want to share the awesome texture that is on the pages.

I put a layer of soft gel down on the page and created the texture with different
items from my studio - pencils, combs, pill bottle top, etc...

Then I added different watered down acrylic paints,
some inks and a tad of watercolor paint.
You can really see the marks that the pill bottle made
when you add the darker ink to the page.
Oh, I had a glass of  the Washington Riesling wine we made last month-
that was bottled in a Yellow Tail Sparkling Wine bottle...
I removed the sticker from the bottle.
See it below.

I let this dry overnight and then coated the pages
with another layer of soft gel.
I added a few marks to this layer as well.

This thing below is what could be the new sketchbook cover...
It's still wet at this point.

I don't know if it's the weather or what
but I can't seem to make my mind up about anything this week...