Friday, February 3, 2012

Urban Sketching

I'm getting more and more inspired by urban sketching through this blog - "Urban Sketchers".
Check it out and catch the fever!
They have published a book - "The Art of Urban Sketching" which was just released this week.
There is page after page of inspiring peeks into a large group of urban sketchers.
If this is the type of activity that interests you, pick up the book.
Check out the blog.
Or better yet, grab a friend (or two) and create your own "Urban Sketching" group.

It's also a great way to meet other artists in your town too.
I met a wonderful, talented, intelligent and charming woman through our Greenville sketching group (hi Sarah!)
She and I have similar interests as far as wanting to improve our true "urban" sketching skills. So, we set out to do just that.
We met in downtown Greenville one day this week for some sketching, talking, teaching, learning, conversation, laughing and- let's not forget this-lunch!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Greenville! The temps were in the upper 60's. There were plenty of birds singing, flowers breaking the confines of the winter rest and people just seemed to be smiling more.
The promise of spring always does that, doesn't it? Even though we have barely had a regular winter season as yet.

We walked to Linky Stone Park, home of The Children's Garden (along the Reedy River) near the Swamp Rabbit Trail in downtown Greenville (SC).
The park has a "Five Senses Garden" that includes flowers and/or herbs that are in alphabetical order (this is a fantastic extra for an OCD person such as myself!) .
They have a "Secret Garden" with beautiful paintings, a Peter Rabbit fence with a portion of the story painted on the fence itself, as well as several statues.
I especially liked the huge pig one.

This pig, Vincenzo, is 4' 5" long and a little over 2' tall!

Here is a cool You Tube video about The Children's Garden that is highlighting art in public places.

The park is under a major bridge in town so you can stand in different places for a great view of the city's skyline.

You can see the back of the famous "Poinsett Hotel" in the upper right hand side

I don't know the name of this building but you can use one of the
 small  bridges (for walking/bikes)  over  the Reedy River to get to it

I took several photos of the area and will try to go back and finish my sketches. My main goal was to improve my urban sketching skills and become more comfortable sketching in public. Both of which will take time...
The downtown Greenville area is just teeming with interesting sites to sketch.
I love this city and hope that we will be stay here as my husband continues his search for a job.

You should get out in your own town with sketchbook in hand...draw your life!

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Bren Graham Thebeau said...

love your sketches and Mr. Pig takes me back to days on the farm and the big boar pig my Dad kept :-)