Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Protective Armor

I've been spending a lot of time closeted in my studio.
Over the last year, I have felt almost suffocated by some of the art that I made.

Well, maybe not that dramatic but I felt like I couldn't get to MY art.
I had spent the year or two before that creating art for classes and I love those classes, love the art from those classes but I kept feeling this tugging in my heart.
Trying to pull me in a different direction.

If you were to look at the photos that I have taken over the past year or so, you would find a lot of abstract shots.
Texture, color blocks, peeling weathered pieces of wood.
Ancient broken-down boats, driftwood...

There are pages in my handmade books that reflect this "look".
Most of the pages that I paint for backgrounds (for books) portray this.

The last five or six pieces of art that I created have been from a place of deep longing.
A longing to find the sweet spot that I know is there.
That I feel I am getting close to.

I worked on a small piece of art this weekend, a tiny piece measuring 4 inches x 4 inches that felt like I was just basking in that sweetness.

I love it.
Just love it.

I like the color combination in this.

Love the texture

I also like the depth of the canvas - almost 1 1/2 inches.

While I loved the piece as it was above, I felt that it needed a bit more grunge or more decay to it.
Like a protective armor might have.
One that was well used and worn from years of  protecting the wearer.
So I aged it a bit more.

Protective Armor
4"x 4"
plaster, gauze, acrylic paint, joint compound, soft gel,
crackle paste, cold wax


Lisa K said...

Love it, Carol! Great colors and texture.

Kimkarlene said...

I also love this! The color combination is wonderful!

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Love the aging, it completed the piece for me :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautifully done. I love the palette, the texture, and the aging.

Liz Kettle said...

Awesome piece Carol!