Monday, March 23, 2009

The Eyes have it...

I spent the weekend drawing (among other things) eyes.
Practice, practice, practice!
I'll begin painting them soon...
I have to shoo away a bit of fear first.

Funny how a little bit of fear can keep you from doing the
things that you really want to do, isn't it?
Now, I have always been able to draw..or I should say that I practiced a lot.
But painting...another story all together.
I have this feeling that I can paint
but for years I have stood frozen in front of a canvas.

How silly is that?

So, today I am letting go of that particular fear
and I'm gonna paint.
I'm going to paint like my mom always wanted to but never did
cause SHE was afraid too.
I'm going to paint like I am the bestest,
most talented painter in the world.
My world anyway.

So, what fear is holding you back?
What is it, in your life, that is screaming
to be done, to be drawn, to be painted, to be said, to be created...?
What is it that you know you can do,
you're just afraid to take that first
itsy bitsy step?
Or maybe you don't know that you can do it...
maybe it's the fear of disappointment
or the fear of failure
or the fear that someone will make fun of you...

Maybe you're afraid that you will actually

Think about what I've talked about.
Really be honest about what fears you allow to run your life.
Think about what you can do to overcome them.

Let's make a conscious effort to
chase those fears away.
Let's stand tall
and Be Brave.


Tangled Stitch said...

Great job on the eyes and great topic. Thanks

Martha Lever said...

Your eyes are beautiful!
I do SO understand that fear. For me,the fear is being disappointed in myself and I need to just let it go if it is not good. There's also GESSO!!! Yea Gesso!!

Martha Lever said...

HI Carol! Thanks for visiting today. I would oh so love to teach that type of lettering but there might be some sort of copyright on it. I need to find that out.

jgr said...

I like the eyes very much and I have no doubt:
If you can draw; you can paint. I enjoyed your thoughts on fear though-it was just what I needed at this time. I'm embarking on some new ventures and fear has been lurking. Thanks for the insight!


lori vliegen said...

hi carol! oh boy, yes...fear. i think that part of what keeps me from moving forward is (like you said) maybe i will actually succeed...and then my fear would be that i wouldn't be able to continue being successful! it doesn't make much sense, but that's what fear is...illogical expectations!! :)

Fannie said...

nice eyes!