Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fiber Freaks

ummm...I mean Fiber Junkies.
I've talked about my fiber buddies before.
We got together this past Monday at Mary Stori's
beautiful mountain top home near Waynesville NC.
What an awesome view from almost every single window!
We had our First Annual Planning Meeting...sounds all formal and important, doesn't it?
Well, it IS important to us...
but believe you me, it was no where near "formal"!
We did have our regular "show and tell" - which is always so fun and inspiring.
Fellow Fiber Junkie (they will always be Fiber Freaks in my mind - my husband calls them that...) Patsy Thompson was showing us a small quilt that she was working with feathers on.
I would have never imagined this color combination but it looked really good!
I don't know if you can see how perfect her stitches are but they look stitch regulator for this girl!

My favorite part was the corner motif...looks like one of my crazy flower sketches.

Patsy made us all these really cool pin cushions for Christmas gifts. I love how she is breaking out with using her heat gun to burn through layers.
You go girl!

And, as usual, Mary Stori has wowed us all with her beading.

One word here - Perfect.

Just Perfect. And Val McGaughey blew us out of the water with this piece of art work.

It has layers and layers of screen printing, resists and applications of paint.

I can't wait to learn how to do this!

My friend Judy Simmons is making her daughter's wedding gown

and pulled out the beads that she is trying to pick from.

I love the way that the light hits on the side of the beads. Just beautiful.

And the lace. That lace is about 18 inches wide (I think).

One yard costs about 200.00. Woo Wee...No mistakes, huh?

I meant No Pressure!

Judy will do fine...

as long as we keep the gold and purple fabric away from her.

Perhaps you can read that story on her blog.

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