Monday, March 29, 2010

New Class Schedule

I have finally scheduled more classes.
Talk about being Slack...well, we weren't but if we were,
I'd be the topic of that particular conversation.
My (awesome) friend Jane (Powell as in Random Arts Jane) has got her new studio space up and running!
I am SO excited about this!
I went to visit her last week and let me tell you...
what an awesome space it is! She has huge work tables
and even bigger sinks.
Really, really nice space.
I've scheduled two classes there.
One is a class that I had been asked to teach last year and just never got around to it.
It's a class on painted backgrounds. I'll do another blog post with some links to photos of backgrounds that I've posted before...I'll try to get them all in one place!
Join me at Random Arts Studio for the new "Bodacious Backgrounds" class.

The other class is another "class by request".
"Scraps, Fragments and Artifacts".
Follow the link and you'll be able to read a little about that class as well.
It is really about a journey, someones story...
It's about keepsakes and artifacts.
It's all about your heartstrings.

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