Thursday, September 23, 2010

Textile Evolution

I wanted to post some of the photos that I took at the retreat.
I just have not had time - until now.
First, I wanted to show you the "treat bag" that all the participants received!
This is just the bag (in my messy but happy studio).
It was filled to the brim with The Most Awesome Freebies!
Liz Kettle's new book, threads (about 12-14 spools!), Misty Fuse (white and black!), multi purpose cloth, a journal that Liz pre-made, a collage pack form Artistic Artifacts, Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, Handcrafted magazine from Stampington and more!
Can you believe that?! It's really the BEST goodie bag that I have ever received!
Thanks to Liz and all her hard work!
She made the bag (below) out of the multipurpose cloth, screen printing, stamping and all sorts of fantastic surface design techniques.

The one day class that I taught was based on a small wall hanging

that utilized an ATC as the central element.

Here are photos of everyones artwork all together, followed by each individual piece.

They learned a couple of ways to make ATC's

as well as some easy background painting techniques.

We fashioned a background out of rusted fabric/fibers.

They all used slightly different layouts and different images to make their piece their own.

And they all did such a great job!

I love to watch people when it hits them - "it" being when it all comes together...

they go beyond what an instructor shows them and put their own stamp on it.

Just fabulous to have any part in giving everyone their own wings!

After lunch, we went for a walk around the mountain behind us and picked up some natural elements to add to the wallhangings.

Some found bones, dried and decaying but fabulous hangers!

Some picked up sticks to use as their hangers. And smaller twigs to use as design elements.

Whoops. Gotta turn your head to the side to look at this one! Kerry picked up an awesome piece of bark to adhere beads to!

Cat's painting techniques looks like embossed leather on the ATC. I love how everyones looks so different yet similar. It would be a great mini series to show together.

Here is another bone hanger from Kathy! She adhered words in the nest to symbolize her growing creativity and growth. How cool is that?

A beautiful piece with lots of musical symbolization from Cheryl. I love how she distressed the buttons on her piece.

Everyone completely finished their piece in this class. I think that sometimes we need easier projects that can be completed in the class.

I sure do appreciate all the ladies that joined me at Colorado Springs.

I am planning on going back next year too!

Perhaps I'll teach some drawing classes...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Obviously, you planned and taught a great class. Your students completed great projects.