Tuesday, September 21, 2010

West Greenville Art Festival


Un. Be. Liev. Able.

I am still reeling from the generous, encouraging, helpful
and supportive folks that I met at the West Greenville Arts festival!

What a talented group of artists that our city has.
There were out of towners as well that were just as talented and supportive of the other artists.

And UVA did an awesome job lining up vendors!

And the music...
Can I get a witness here?!
If you missed Mr. Mac Arnold & Plate Full O' Blues - you missed IT!
Yee Haw! What a talented group of music men.
Loved, loved Mac Arnold.

We had a good crowd both days, lots of folks out and about this weekend.
I met so many local people that were looking for art instruction.
Mixed media, fiber art, book making...
our society is hungry for handmade again.
I guess the old saying is true - what is old is new again...
We're headed back to our roots, I hope.
Honoring the art that is fashioned by loving hands, ones that are connected to the artists heart.
People see the connection in your art - they can see that you love what you do...
that your art is from a happy place, a troubled place or just a place of wonder and intrigue.

Every person that bought one of the little houses from the
"It Takes A Village" series said that it made them happy to look at.
What more could an artist ask for?

I thank you Greenville for making my very first arts festival a huge hit!
I got so many requests for classes, a couple of commision pieces and even sold some art!
In my mind, that's a complete success!


Anonymous said...

yay!!! that's awesome, lady!

Mary Stori said...

Congrats!!! You as a person and as an artist send out good vibes....I'm not surprised that you and your art are accepted in kind.....

Joanne Huffman said...

Sounds like a complete success to me. And, how wonderful that you enjoyed it so much.