Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleston Harbor

My husband and I went on a long weekend camping trip with family members.
We took our trusty (and trust worthy) sea kayak -
as we were headed to Charleston, SC.
I'm not going to add a lot of verbiage...
just photos and to tell you where we went.
On Saturday, we kayaked out of Shem Creek.
There is a boat ramp around the corner from Coastal Expeditions.
We went over to Crab Bank - it opened up on Friday Oct. 15.
We found TONS of fossilized shark teeth!
We love to look for sharks' teeth.
On Sunday, we put our kayak in at Wapoo Cut Landing, near the Ashley River Bridge (Folly Road Drawbridge).
We kayaked around the Battery.
Which was just awesome!
It looked different from the water side...
As you go past the Battery, this is what comes into view (not quite as close).

The Cooper River Bridge.
Such a beautiful bridge, especially at night.

We went over to the USS Yorktown.

And then across to Shutes Island (Castle Pickney).

We found this sign (after we got out onto the island), tossed into the shrubs.

If you're interested in the history of the island (pre-civil war) follow the link.

Interesting stuff.

A shot of the crumbling fort with a fantastic little tree on top.

The island is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

It is beautiful.

A beach shot of the crumbling fort being circled by birds (mostly pelicans).

This was an interesting sight!

I followed it as it went around the island.

The ship, the fort and the beach.

No pirates...;-)

It was a very long kayak trip -

NOT for beginners or the faint of heart.

We were in the water, paddling for about 7 hours.

All I can say is

"Look at those biceps!"


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool photos! I don't think I'd ever kayak, but I certainly enjoy the photos of your adventures.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure and your blog is also giving us westerners some history of the harbor in Charleston. Ms. Biceps. Judy in SD