Monday, October 18, 2010

Deconstructive Screenprinting

Well, back to the blogger photo uploading issues...
Which, by the way, I am still having.
I'm having to upload
One Photo At A Time!
Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.
Back to the last meeting of the fiber group I am a member of -
my beloved Fiber Junkies.
This month, Judy Simmons led the group
in Deconstructive Screenprinting.
Check out her blog for details on where she learned how.
It was just fabulous to learn this technique!
We have tried regular screenprinting, which I loved, but I just don't have the space (at my home) to make my own screens.
But this screenprinting technique would be easily managed at home.
And I love the fabric that we made!
Here was the first one that I made.
I used all sorts of things to make my texture - paper that had been shredded,
scraps of lace, a round rubber thing I found in a parking lot, sliced mushrooms, a pine tree tip, wadded up exam gloves...
maybe more but no less.
The round bubble shapes on the right lower side are where I had left too much thickened dye on the screen to begin with.
It dried and left small round "blobs" of dye.

This was the second print with the thickened print paste.
You can see how the print has a few subtle changes.

The third pass...

Notice how the dried dye "blobs" are beginning to take center stage as the other images change.

There was another piece of fabric between the next one and the last one but it wasn't much different.

The paint (or dye) was beginning to fade out too much

so I added a bit of another color to my thickened paint paste on this pass.

The drip lines on this next one came about from where I had sat the screen next to me while I was messing with something else.

I love the way that they add such great texture to this piece of fabric without any extra work!

The next five photos are one of the other screens that I made.
I included shredded paper, ferns (or maybe a maple leaf), a stencil, some kind of plastic wrap
and a couple of polyester flowers that Nancy brought.
You can see the progression of the prints on the fabric.

There are actually two more pieces to this screen...

I just got tired of uploading one print at a time.

I was going to put up some of the "show and tell" photos but I neglected to ask permission to show them...

so I'll save those for later.

This was a great meeting! I can see that I will use this technique again...

I've already started a box of "texture" items for my next experiment with this technique!

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Joanne Huffman said...

great looking fabric; I look forward to seeing what you do with it.