Friday, September 30, 2011

Stackaholics Anonymous

I'm joining in with Seth Apter (and a host of others) in standing tall & proud with my stack. (thanks Kelli for the link!)

My husband asked "Which stack?"

Haha...isn't that funny (and true).

I have said before that I have an over active imagination and with that, comes an over abundance of ideas.
My attention span is not overly large though...

You know what follows - lots of UFO's.

I have stacks of class ideas, a stack of step outs for class ideas that were abandoned for better ideas, stacks of files of interesting magazine pages, stacks of interesting pieces of things that have texture, stacks of things that are red, stacks of things that are...

You get the idea. (No, I am not a hoarder) (I don't think I am...)

So, thank goodness Seth narrowed things down for us all by drawing attention to
"The Paper Stack".

Since I couldn't back far enough away from my stack of "paper to be used in journal/book making" to get a photo, I decided to simply photograph my stack of paper filled handmade books. This is not all of them as I have them sent several out to various other homes at the moment.

So - here it is. My photo confessional of the day along with my admission.

I, too, am a Stackaholic.

 Come on, you'll feel better after you confess it...Join in with us!


Seth said...

What an amazing set of journals. Thanks for sharing and for being a member of the club!

Corinne said...

gorgeous - I posted your photo on my Pinterest book arts board. I too am one of the "o-holics" - and as a book maker and paper fanatic, I'm proud of it! :) - my web site

Kathryn Hansen said...

your journals are beautiful...i'd have a hard time writing in them cuz they're sooo nice!!

Unknown said...

Your stack is awesome. A whole shelf full of beautiful art in book form. They are an inspiration.

lyle baxter said...

the books are lovely! I too have stacks of hand made books but none as lovely as yours!

Loralei said...

I have stacks, but mostly of fabric, although I also have a rubbermaid tote full of paper - perhaps that qualifies as a stack?

~*~Patty S said...

Fabulous stack of amazing journals you have there!

Stack On!

Lori Wostl said...

Your books are beautiful!

Raylee said...

just catching up with all the "stacks" have gorgeous covers, love the beads.