Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 That Create

I am a champ at setting loose, hardly measurable goals.
(Can I get a "hell yeah"?)
Every year, I tell myself that I will do better, will be better at this.

And I AM doing better with one or two of those goals...just not all of them.

Last year, I set the goal to be a part of a group of artists that encourage each other, seek out venues and show together.
I wanted to be a part of a group that created along side each other but not a challenge group per se.

Towards the end of last year, that group materialized.
I am so thrilled to announce the formation of
(drum roll please)

"8 That Create"

8 That Create is a group of professional, artists that explore the use of
innovative mixed media techniques to manipulate, alter and enhance the
appearance of their chosen surface. 

Our mission is to support each other in our individual artistic journeys and to
provide inspiration to others through our group exhibitions, publications,
website and blog. 

Check out our website and an informative blog that will include lots of details about our forays into exhibiting as a group.

We have the beginnings of a show planned for later this year but right now we are working on an online show with the theme of "Empty Spaces".
We'll be adding more information on both of those later.

We are so excited about our new group and hope that you will follow along with us!

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Bren Graham Thebeau said...

This will be fun to follow and I expect I'll learn a lot from the 8 as I read!