Thursday, January 19, 2012

Expressing Yourself

I've always believed that it's important for all of us to tell our stories.
To share tales of our adventures, our dreams, or just everyday happenings.

I do this all the time in my artwork.

I build each piece to tell a story or to chronicle an experience in my life or another’s life. I spend a lot of time in the forests and rivers near my home, hiking, kayaking or soaking in the beauty. I gather and collect interesting objects, natural items and everyday discards that I take to my studio and later use in these narratives. My hope is that the story will resonate with the viewer. That it will spark some inspiration or memory within them.

In times of great stress or distress, people have to tell their stories over and over as a way to process what happened to them.
I worked as a nurse in a busy Neonatal ICU. It was an area of high stress to the families that needed our services. Even if their baby was not that ill, it was still a stress on the entire family.
The mothers and fathers found so much comfort talking to other parents there. I would hear them repeat their birth stories, reliving each and every moment. 
This is how we process our lives. This is how we keep those precious memories alive as well as honoring our emotions.

Creativity is a lot like that. We have to honor our creative urges.
As women (I'm guessing that most of my readers are women) we give so much of ourselves to others...we seldom reserve time for ourselves.
And if we do, it's usually after everything else is finished.
We're tired, distracted and probably a wee bit irritable.

If you can find a way to carve out a little bit of time each day to do something creative - whether it's writing, drawing, painting, sewing- it doesn't matter what it is...
what matters is that you do it!

Tomorrow I'll be the guest blogger over at "Art Camp For Women". I'll be doing another short blog post here as an intro to the one on their website.
I'd love for you to stop by and see what we're got up our sleeves...

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