Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Workshop!

I have a few classes scheduled for the coming year.
One of them is in Virginia Beach (Virginia) at Art & Soul. I am really excited about this class for a couple of reasons.
The first one is because it is Art & Soul!
When I first began teaching workshops, Art & Soul was at the top of my list for places to teach. It was (and still is) the top place for innovative workshops, true creative bonding with like minded people, and so much darn fun!
It truly is the industry standard for art retreats.

The other reason is the project.
I created a workshop just for the retreat.
Not a book, not a painting (although we will paint), not drawing...instead I've planned a whimsical mobile with beaded & screen printed birds, hanging from embellished driftwood.
I have always loved mobiles. I love figuring out how to balance the weight of the treasures that I'm adding to the piece and I love searching for just the right baubles.
They are fantastic for hanging in your studio, a sunny window, kid's room or any place that needs a shot of something quaint and unusual.
And colorful.

Lots of smooth, silky driftwood. Hand picked by myself and my handsome hubby.
I tend to collect things like that when we kayak or ride our bikes along the shore.
Piles of colorful beads - shiny, matte, oblong, sparkled, square, painted and all part of the kit for the class.
Bold, colorful paint colors.
A stack of thermofax screens to screen print with (all one of a kind images drawn by yours truly).
Threads, glorious threads to stitch, wind and suspend with.
I already have several "practice" mobiles hanging in my studio window and two that are attached to the chain pulls on ceiling fans. One of those pieces was recently published in Liz Kettle's beading book (you need to check the book out! It's wonderful for first time beaders, if you need a refresher or if you need a shot of inspiration!).

We'll be doing all sorts of things in this class - here's a peek at a few of them.

Different fringe ideas with beads.
Also little crochet wings!

A variety of beaded hair styles.

Don't like crochet wings?
How about paper ones?

Beaded necklaces, different tail trims.

Ideas for eyes.

Look at this twisted beaded tail feather!

Lots and lots of ideas for beading on your birds.

I'll leave you with a shot of my work table today.
I've started on a blue and green mobile- beginning with designing my personalized fabric with screen printed images.

Nothing like a bunch of little circles, is there?

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Joanne Huffman said...

What a delightful workshop!