Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I forgot to add that I have not only lost weight and inches, I have gained flexibility and mobility. That truly is a plus for me. I still have some issues , but my overall health has improved. My blood pressure has decreased also. So, all of my doctors are quite impressed!
And it is such a gratifying feeling to begin an exercise program and stick with it. I feel like I'm cheating or that I am missing something the days that I don't do Pilate's.
I usually exercise at LEAST 3 times a week but my usual routine is M-F...weekend off. It only takes 20 minutes but then I usually add the 10 minute sculpting should see my legs! Wow...they are being totally reshaped from bottom to top. They really are pure, solid muscle up to the mid thigh area. I have a good bit of "soft" thigh tissue to work on...doesn't that sound so much better than "flab/fat"?!
And my waist ...well, it's back!
So try it!
It may be an awesome improvement to your general well being and health. It will also improve your mental well being and your confidence.
I worked as a nurse for about 15 years and didn't push for people to exercise a lot because I didn't...but now I totally support it and expound upon its benefits.
OK, nuff said...just DO IT.

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