Sunday, May 4, 2008

Woodlands 1 & 2

I found pictures of the Victorian Applique wall hangings, albeit not that good. But the actual wall hangings are at My Quilt Shoppe so I can't try to obtain better shots of them.

Let me give some background on the series. They are a series of three wall hangings, all titles "The Woodlands" with each one depicting a different woodlands scene. Marie Seroskie, the designer, does a wonderful job with all of them. You can go to and view all of her designs.

I loved going through all the hand dyed batiks and choosing fabrics. That was probably the most difficult thing about making them! I couldn't find any sky fabric that I liked, other than at but Micky Lawler was sold out at the time. Sooo, I did the next best thing. I purchased her book "Skydyes" and dyed my own! So all the sky fabric was hand dyed by yours truly. I had a ball doing it too! I plan on dying more fabric, possibly for sale or for use during classes.

Here is "The Woodlands 1- The Brook"

This is "The Woodlands 2 - The Fawn"

I do apoligize for the pictures, I'll try and get better ones when I get the wallhangings home.

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