Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fiber Art Alliance

Well, today I am going to Asheville NC to the Fiber Art Alliance group meeting. I mentioned in a previous blog that I had been encouraged to go by Patsy Thompson and Gen Grundy at the MQS event. So here I go !

Anyway, I asked my son to take a picture of me so I could post one on the blog...what an hoot that was ! I'll post a couple , not because they are good pics of me but for a couple of other reasons.

In case you didn't notice, that's me in the front. What I wanted you to see is behind me...the "love you" wall hanging. I made it as a Valentine's Day/Anniversery "card" for my husband. It has beads all around each color of background fabric and I also made loop fringe along the bottom edge. It's amazing how quickly you can create something when you "see" the finished product in your head. I was working so feveriouly that an onlooker would think I was possessed...and perhaps I was.

Anyway, here is another one that illustrates my "cool" hair...thanks Cheryl Prator's mil for that complement!

As you can see in this picture , I have random stripes (and strips) of VERY white hair. It may be beyond white (can that be?!?) as the doctors told me it had "lost its pigment"...what a horrid thing ...to lose ones pigment. I was just thankful that it grew back , no matter what the color!

Here is another that shows just one of the many doilies that I have made. I haven't crocheted any in a while...I did crochet snowflakes this past Christmas though.

Speaking of my son, Will (who is 19 and an awesome artist) . I'll post a couple of pencil drawings that he did. I swiped them from him , as I never know what he does with his "stuff". See if you can guess who they are...

He drew these about 3 years ago...not too shabby for a 16 year old just doodling around.He will probably choke me if he finds out that I posted them...but it won't be the first time he's been upset with my behavior , now will it ?

While at the meeting yesterday (and yes, I began the blog yesterday - Tuesday- but am finishing it today - Wednesday) some of us met for a brown bag lunch and had a bit of "show & tell". Gen had told me about the group doing this , so I had taken a few things to share. Below is a teeny tiny fiber art piece that I made to go in the kitchen. It's hanging right above a black wrought iron herb rack . It measures ablut 3 1/2" x 5".

My husband made a cabinet for our new microwave (I told you he was very talented , didn't I) and had to cut a hole in the front of it for access to the venting system. He was going to just build a door to cover it but I suggested that perhaps we could do something besides a simple door (plus it seemed lot a lot of trouble for a little cabinet door!). Here is what we covered the hole with...

Please excuse the pictures. These have been aken quickly or were already in the computer. I'll try to do better in the future. Anyway, you can see where the teeny tiny quilt came from...I had not been pleased with one of the small panels on this wallhangiong , so I just made another. This one measures about 23" x 8". As I said , it was "made to fit" the opening in the cabinet. I the black background and completely quilted it/ added binding too. Then all of the small panels are also completely quilted and bound and then added to the background. It's a awesome way to make a really interesting wallhanging. It cam from Jean Well's book "Portraits From Nature". This was also my first attempt at free motion quilting. I loved how the background turned out.

Nuff for today. I think I'll ride to Rock Hill with my husband .

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