Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Letter Geeks Like Me (or Artful Alphabets by Lisa Engelbrecht)

Do you know Lisa Engelbrecht? I am just beginning to get to know her...and what an amazing artist she is! A few postings ago, I entitled one "My 26 Favorite Things'. In this post I professed to being a "letter geek"(thanks Lisa for the title!). Lisa and I share those 26 Favorite Things...she is also a self-professed "letter geek". When I opened an email from Pokey Bolten
(CPS) today, I saw her DVD about Lettering on Fabric. I had JUST seen it on Creative Catalyst Videos ( and placed it on my list of "Things To Buy". Go to their website to view a clip from the video.

If you love letters, lettering, calligraphy, writing on fabric or any of the aforementioned activities or have interest in them, then you MUST purchase this DVD! You can purchase it directly from her and receive a special print from her. Go to for details.

Lisa has a book coming out imminently (publication due date is July 1st) entitled "Modern Mark Making".

I can tell you this is one lady that is definitely Making Her Mark in this world. She has a love for the letter arts that I appreciate and understand. She is also featured in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. Go to for more details about the Artful Alphabet.

My friends and family know how much I LOVE and ADORE lettering...I have been asked why I sit and draw letters...Why? I ask...Because they are the basis for all that we know...Without the alphabet, we would have no written word, no stories, no written history, no love letters, no recorded music with words...we, as a society, would not be able to share and past down our heritage...those 26 letters ensure the survival of our cultures, our families and our passions. They ARE the key to past, present and future.

Rock on fellow Letter Geeks!


Anonymous said...

hi carol!

i don't have your email address, so I'm responding to your comment on my blog on your blog. First, yay, I'm so excited I'll be meeting you in June. Thanks so much for signing up for my class!

Second, Fiber Art Fusion's next meeting is Tuesday, June 10, 7pm. they always meet the second Tuesday of the month. I'm not sure of the location. Hopefully it will be posted on the website soon. You could also contact the President, Rebecca Reasons-Edwards,

Can't wait to meet you!!

Heidi Miracle-McMahill

e. beck said...

i have taken a class with lisa ....
and i am a font freak .... love letters .... adore the abc's ....