Monday, May 5, 2008


I listed several boxes of Kimwipes on eBay if anyone is interested in trying them.
I can't figure out how to publish a link to the auction so I'll just post the auction number. It's #300222357257. Let me know if you can't find it for some reason.

This morning I tried ironing fusible webbing to them and adhering them to another fabric as well as paper and it worked wonderfully! I'll try to get a picture or scan up of that experiment.

This is really exciting to find something so versatile right on my kitchen counter top!

My husband and I plant lettuce in our garden every year and the Kimwipes are what we usually use after we have rinsed it. We layer lettuce leaves and kimwipes and put all that inside a plastic grocery bag. We then place that bag into another grocery bag and put it all into the crisper drawer. You wouldn't believe how long the fresh lettuce lasts when stored that way...

two to three WEEKS !

Can you believe that?! We are spoiled during the "lettuce season" at our house.

We planted a gourmet mix and it was the best lettuce I've ever eaten. They sell the same thing at a local grocery store for 7.00 a pound! And ours is all natural , no chemicals at all.

Last year we had lettuce all the way through May or June.

Anyway, I do hope that there are people out there that either will read this about the Kimwipes or that those who I have shared the info with will tell other people.

I am sure that they will come up with new ways to use them.

Just like Tyvek...look at how popular that is now!

And Paintsticks! Weren't they originally markers for live stock?

Let me kow if you like them , or find a new way to use them.

I'm off to make some small quilt sandwiches so I can practice with my new Patsy Thompson DVD.

Thanks Patsy for an awesome time last Saturday...I am looking forward to sitting down with you in my studio this afternoon!

Oh, speaking of Tyvek I have to send out another big warm fuzzy to my wonderful husband. He also supplies me with Tyvek in the form of Tyvek suits used in industry...He is better than having an art store right in my own home! Not to mention what an awesome cook he is...thanks Baby!


Cheryl Prater said...

Hey! My m-i-l lives in Hendersonville and she was at Patsy's talk. She thinks you sat behind her. She said if you are who she thinks you are that you have really cool hair and great jewelry. Sound like you? If so, small world.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be in Hville this summer, I'll look for ya at TQS. cp

Carol Sloan said...

Hi Cheryl,
Wow! What a small world! Yes, my is often the topic of discussion. Some of it fell out in my early thirties and grew back STARK white. So , it's looks highlighted (which in a totally natural way , it is).Yes, that must have been me. And yeah, I wore some cool stuff that my husband picked out for me.He has great taste in jewerly. I actually live in SC (near Greenville) but I often go to H'ville to the Quilt Shoppe. Are you going to Judy Perez classes in Atlanta? I thought that I read you were going. I am, and am soooo excited about it! Perhaps I'll see you this summer in H'ville or in Atlanta? And , you too, thanks for stopping by the (newbie) blog!
I love your art work!Not only the images but the colors that you use.

Cheryl Prater said...

Yes, I am going to JCP's class in August. I had the pleasure of sharing open studios with her in Chicago at MIU last year. Judy and her sister Deb are both! I am signed up for the August 2nd class, you?

And thanks for the compliments on my work -- Debbi Crane and I have a book coming out in November entitled Mixed Mania, maybe we can do a signing in Saluda at Jane's shop Random Arts....

My m-i-l, whom you met, is also a Carol. She was the honeree of the Sixtyopoly game I made. It was on the cover of CPS Jan 2007. Our claim to fame.

We'll definately have to hook up in Hville over an almond macaroon (or two or thirty) from McFarlan's.

Carol Sloan said...

Yes, meeting for thirty macaroons like like a good plan. As does the signing...I have never been to Random Arts. I have been to their web site many times though...I didn't even realize that it was that close to me until my husband tole me where Saluda was!
I signed up for both of the classes in August. I can't wait! Are you teaching at Fiber On A Whim any? I'll have to go and look...gotta run, I'm going to Rock Hill this afternoon with my dh.see ya