Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Quilt Shoppe Classes

I spoke with Darlene at My Quilt Shoppe yesterday. Lanna (the owner) is back from vacation and looked at the pieces that I had left at the shop. They loved my work (yay!) and want me to teach classes on every one of them. Wow, I am really excited about that. I'm going to get with Gen Grundy about planning the classes as I never taught an "organized" quilting class before.
I'll be doing the Katie Lane Victorian Stained Glass series (in a previous blog). I have to complete the third one. It's pieced but not quilted as yet. The other class is a quilted tote bag. It's a fairly large bag, big enough to carry a medium size cutting mat in the side pocket...perfect for class!
I'll really have to review the tote I tend to scan directions, look at the pictures and then make it my way! I guess I'll just wing it in class.
Anyway, that's the biggest news for Friday.

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