Sunday, May 4, 2008

Late Night Blog

Well, it's about 3:30am and I can't sleep...too wired up from an awesome day in NC. I went to My Quilt Shoppe in Hendersonville to meet Patsy Thompson and see some of her awesome quilts and stitching designs. Wow! That is one talented (and nice) lady! She has several DVDs available at her web site ( along with free downloads.
Her work is absolutely phenomenal , the different threads and designs that she uses are awesome. And she is a great teacher , so easy to understand and follow. I got an autographed DVD , the beginner one (Fast and Free Vol.1) . I can't wait to watch it and get started in a whole new direction in my stitching adventures!
I had taken a few of the things that I had made to show to the girls there at MQS , to decide on some classes this summer and/or fall. In the bag were two of the Victorian Applique wall hangings (from a series of three) that I had completed (available at . I wanted to see what Patsy would recommend for the quilting motif even though they were smaller designs than she usually worked with. I asked her if she minded having a look and she agreed.
I was blown away by everyone's reaction to my work! They loved all the things that I had brought. It is so gratifying to have fellow fiber artist really like your work. And they also reinforced what my husband and friends have been telling me all along...I am wayyyy to hard on myself...way to critical of my work. Is there anyone else out there that is that way? I don't know if it's that I feel I should be doing better or if it's just plain ol' doubt in my abilities...but I'm getting better about that.
I also met the most awesome lady there today. Her name is Gen Grundy. She is from NC and taught at MQS for a long time. She taught most of the "artsy" classes there and said that she is not teaching right now as she wants to do some things that she wants to do. You go girl! She seems like such an awesome woman and I look forward to getting to know her better. She was very encouraging about my work and my leaning towards the more "artsy" side of quilting. She (and Patsy both) invited me to the Fiber Arts Alliance in Asheville. I'm going to try and make the monthly meeting this month. Sounds like a ton of fun and a great way to meet other fiber artists.
So , today was a good day...filled with meeting a lot of wonderful fiber fiends, learning about different stitching techniques, getting a little more self confident as I put my work out there in front of advanced quilters and fiber artists !
It's day like this one that make you fall in love with fabric, color, thread, sewing, and all those other things that make up the awesome world of fiber arts all over again!
I'll add pictures of the Victorian Applique if I find them.

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