Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How To Lose 2 Pant Sizes in 2 Months

A lot of my friends around home know that a couple of months ago I began exercising to Windsor Pilates. I have a chronic pain problem (radiculopathy-disease of the nerve root) in my right hip and lower back and am often plagued with a sort of immobility/pain problem...a bit of a complication to another health issue...anyway, I have tried all types of therapy, exercise and get the picture. Well, I decided that since my weight seemed to be inching up as the years went by and my height (5'1 1/2") (and yes, dh, I'm sticking with that height!) wasn't increasing to go along with it, I'd begin some kind of regular routine.
I had purchased the dvd set a few years ago but didn't commit to the program at the time. I came upon the dvd a few months ago while cleaning out some things and decided to finally commit to toning up...losing a couple (or 4) pant sizes...I wish I had of done my measurements when I first began but I didn't...I CAN tell you that (after decreasing serving sizes) and not changing much else, I lost 20 pounds within 2 or 3 weeks !
I have been following the dvd about 2-3 months now. I was wearing a size 12 in some pants and a 10 in others...and now I am in a SIZE 8!!!
All I can say is....YAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
I was always so petite and small and never had to watch my diet so I had never really exercised beyond riding a bike when I was young.
I had always been the one that cooked before this (2nd) marriage and now my wonderful husband's so delicious that I began to over eat...and consume wine with dinner (and honestly, beyond).
Soooo...I realize that it is going to take me a while longer to get to where I truly want to be since these poor middle age muscles of mine were rather flaccid and underdeveloped but I will get there.
I did measure myself after I had lost the 20 pounds and since then I have lost a 1/2" off of each upper arm ! And I am beginning to see quite a "cut" in my upper arm.
So, if any of you need to tone up, lose weight or just generally exercise for a healthier life, try this
and thanks Mari!
If you order from the website, please notice that one of the order options is for a monthly shipment of different. Make sure you notice that.

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Also, I did pilates years ago, but really need to get back in shape!! So, I guess I need to get there DVD's!!!! Congrats on the sliming down!!!
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