Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bird Crazy or Crazy Bird...

I had drawn a couple of birds the other night when Hot Flashes had me awake and looking for something to do. The very next day, I saw Birds on Praterposte ( and it made me remember a Bird Vest that I had made years and years ago. I rambled through my closet and found it! I never wear it but couldn't force myself to throw it out, it's Art, ya know.
I've posted some pictures of it. I saw the directions in a magazine but cannot remember the name of it...sorry! I did use my own modified vest pattern and, as usual, changed up the birds as well!

This is the front. I made it out of a soft muslin fabric. I fused the everything on and then did a little free hand embroidery on the edges. I attached and secured the fabric flowers with buttons. How cute was that?

And the back. I still love those long legged birds! I have a star on the back and a sun on the shoulder. I have a close up of the sun farther down.

Close up of one of the birds on the front. I love this button. I added seed beads for some of the eyes. What a crafty gal!

This is one of my favorite bird and flower combinations!

This is the left side of the front. The tallest bird was an All Star Basketball player in 1995...
And this is the Sun. It is located directly over the right shoulder.
Hope you enjoyed my little trip back to 1990's garment sewing!

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