Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Katie Girl

Well, read down a couple of entries and you'll see that I went to an awesome workshop in Saluda NC on Friday. It was sponsored by Random Arts (http://www.randomartsnow.com/) , one of my Two Favorite Shops. The Most Wonderful & Talented Artist Extraordinaire that was teaching was Katie Kendrick. Go see her fabulous Art Work at http://www.katiekendrick.com/ or keep up with her daily ramblings and adventures at http://www.joyouslybecoming.typepad.com/.
I am mainly a fabric, fiber, mixed media type person...I paint fabric...not faces...so this was new to me...and a bit scary I might add. But Katie made it all fun and quite the adventure! I forgot to take pictures of my own girl and now Jane has reminded me (not to gently either). So, I took some pictures and will go through them with you.
This is the inspiration for my Katie Girl. It was a sketch of a woman with this wild & crazy hair, quite pointed face but very lovable and fun.
You will see that she is far from completed. I haven't even worked on her since I got home...so very busy! But I WILL finish her!
The blob on her head will eventually be her wild hair. I plan on making it appear as if it is "swept up" on her head and the curls will be off the top of the canvas...And of course I'll add some white streaks. Gee, where did that come from. Now I guess I'll have to change the color of her eyes...bluish/greenish/grayish...Oh, I am playing with the idea of making the blob on her head a birdnest, adding a bird up there and calling her Bird Brain. Whatdaya think?
The curly thing at the top (coming out from her head) is one of those wild & crazy curls, not a snake as was pointed out to me...Hey, I could put a jewel on her forehead and then add a..well, nevermind that...
I'm still auditioning the fabric for her dress too. I had sewn on rust fabric for the sleeve cuffs, but that could possibly change also...I see a trend developing here.

Hopefully you will all recognize her when I'm through.

But if not, I'll be happy to reintroduce you all.

Doesn't she have really nice eye brows? I started the painting out with no eyebrows...her face COMPLETLY changed when I added them.

OK then...there you go My Katie Girl.

Happy now Ms. Jane?


random notes said...

What a sweet little face and love those arms all "propped" up around her hair.Really really different take from everyone else in the classes. Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is coming along quite nicely, Carol. Love it. Your class looks like it was a blast!