Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Rust Bug

My husband has caught The Rust Bug! Ever since I made the first rust fabric, he has been collecting rusty items for me (or for himself if the truth be told).
A few days ago, we gathered up our growing collection of rusty tid bits, armed ourselves with our secret mixtures of Rust Energizer and got to Work.
We layered.
We spritzed.
We pondered over placement.
As he was studying over where to place each particular piece of treasure, I was itching to just throw all of it on the fabric.
His engineering brain was very methodical...
My Crazy Callie brain was running here, there and yonder.
He added one fat quarter of fabric...
I added a piece of vintage lace, a wadded up kimwipe, a bit of cotton string, a torn piece of loosely woven fabric.
He added a beautiful old gear from a meat grinder...
I added 10 rusty nails, a bolt, a washer and 5 pieces of an old bent & broken tin can.
So (and I say this with laughter in my eyes)you can see how well we work together.
Each of us appreciate and even envy the others creative spirit.
I stand back and watch him work in his exacting way,
my mind screaming,"Hey, try this! Try that!".
He moves out of my way
even as his mind is screaming "Stop!Stop!"
and, in the end both of our ways work,
very nicely I might add...
Very nicely indeed.
That must have been one of the pieces that I could no longer stand it on...I tossed a handful of rusty nails in for good measure!
If you look on the bottom left hand side of this fabric, you'll see the image of a beautiful old key. It wasn't rusty but it acted as a resist for what was under it. In the next picture, you'll see the other side of this fabric...
The key image is now in the upper left of the picture. It is shaped kinda like the key, but you would not recognize it as the same image, now would you? There must be some chemical action or reaction that causes each side of the fabric to look different. One side had the outline of the pieces that you use...while the opposite side of fabric will have the entire image appear as solid rust. Hmmm. it makes for some really interesting pieces!
Look at all the awesome shapes and colors in this piece. This is PFD fabric from Big Horn Quilts.
Vintage lace from my Grandmother's stash, kimwipe, cotton lace and a torn piece of loosely woven fabric.


Anonymous said...

Carol, these are TOO awesome for words!!! Cute story about you and your husband...I can just see it. (Er...that would be how me and mine would do it too.:=)

Jane LaFazio said...

oooh! love the rusty result! fabulous.

Angie in AZ said...

Gorgeous! And isn't it great... dying for free! :) I need to find more rusty stuff....