Tuesday, October 27, 2009


On the trip home from Charleston, we were surprised with this beautiful sunset.
I took the pictures from inside the car - so they may be a bit blurry.
Notice the tie cord from the kayak in the first one.

What beautiful colors!
Seems that I have seen a watercolor painting
of a Santa Fe sky using the same colors...

This next photo was taken in one of the oldest cemeteries in Charleston. There is a monument standing in the graveyard from the 17th century.
I have more pics but was amused by the carving on this one.
Wonder who was the model for this wide eyed woman?

Enjoy your day.

It's raining softly here at my house.

My paints, fabrics, papers and sewing machine are busy on a special project.

One that I can't tell you about right now - but a Big surprise (and honor).

I'll tell you soon.

In the mean time, do these things.

1. Try to find inspiration in everyday things.

2. Draw (or sketch) daily.

3. Document your passion.

You will be pleased with the results and it will humor your children 40 years from now.

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Lisa said...

Lovely photos!